2024 Toyota Prius

2024 Toyota Prius
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2024 Toyota Prius Review: Unbeatable Hybrid Hatch

The first Prius model was unveiled more than a quarter of a century ago, and while it was lauded for being groundbreaking in many ways, the generations that followed over the years weren't known for being exciting or particularly attractive. With careful refinement, however, the 2024 Toyota Prius is now a striking hybrid hatchback with the ability to evoke a smile from behind the wheel, proving that going green isn't just for squares.

However, the competition isn't unpleasant to look at, either, as both the Hyundai Elantra Hybrid and Toyota Corolla Hybrid are stylish - as is the Kia Niro Hybrid, a crossover that makes a case for itself with hatchback-beating practicality. But the Prius isn't just a pretty face; it also has the bite to back up its bark thanks to a capable hybrid four-cylinder powertrain that makes up to 196 horsepower combined. For those in cold weather states, you also get access to an all-wheel drivetrain variant. But with so many accomplished hybrids on the scene and newer EVs entering the market by the droves, does the classic and affordable Toyota Prius still have what it takes to stay ahead of the pack?


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New for 2024

After a complete overhaul in 2023, the new Toyota Prius liftback goes mostly unchanged for its second year on the market.

2024 Toyota Prius Price: Which One to Buy

Even with three trims to choose from and a choice of all-wheel drive on any of them, the price of the 2024 Toyota Prius remains affordable, which is complemented by its low cost of ownership. The MSRP of the base LE is just $27,650, while the XLE will cost you $31,095. At the top of the range is the Limited at $34,665. However, the maximum price is a little higher if you want AWD, which adds $1,400 to the bill, and then you still have to account for the $1,095 destination charge.

As a car designed completely around the idea of great value for money, the Prius makes the most sense in its basic and cheapest LE trim. You still get loads of features, especially in the safety department, and so long as you stick with the front-wheel drivetrain, you also benefit from the best fuel economy figures. It certainly doesn't hurt that front and rear parking assist with automatic braking can be added for as little as $35, even if there aren't any other packages to speak of.

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Interior and Features

While there may be a large amount of plastic on display, the interior is attractive and filled with high-tech features.

Though nothing too fancy, the interior of the Toyota Prius is solidly built and pleasing to the eye. There's a good amount of room, and a very long list of standard features too. You can thank Toyota's smart layout of the dashboard and center console, where the controls are placed to maximize access and minimize clutter. Both the touchscreen for the infotainment is mounted high up and almost mirrors the hooded driver-information display. This ultra-modern interior space perfectly suits the latest generation of the Prius.

2024 Toyota Prius Central Control Panel Toyota 2024 Toyota Prius Interior Overview Toyota 2024 Toyota Prius Dashboard Toyota
2024 Toyota Prius Central Control Panel
2024 Toyota Prius Interior Overview
2024 Toyota Prius Dashboard
With an uncluttered dashboard and two spacious rows of seating, the Prius is perfect for up to five passengers


There are a total of five seats inside the Prius, and since they are mounted quite low down, there is loads of headroom all around. Meanwhile, legroom is adequate in the second row for most adults, though taller folks may not find it sufficient. As mentioned, the step-in height is quite low, so climbing in can be a little tricky, and the sleek roofline doesn't make it any easier. Visibility isn't the best for the same reason, and a little too much focus on style is to blame for this. The sloping roofline and high tail end of the car will leave you relying on your rearview camera, but you also get standard driver assistance for the blind spots.


These same elements that affect sight lines also impact the available cargo space, seeing the new style of Prius offer less room in the trunk. Still, 20.3 cubic feet is nothing to sniff at for a five-door liftback, and if you stick with the entry-level LE, you get an even more impressive 23.8 cu-ft. You can free up even more room by folding down the rear seats, though the exact amount has not been revealed.

Around the cabin, there are several small-item storage solutions, including a pair of cupholders just under the central console, just ahead of where the wireless charging pad goes in upper trims, as well as a glovebox and armrest cubby. Each of the doors has a well-sized pocket, but rear cupholders are only found in the XLE and Limited, within the fold-down middle seat.

Toyota PriusToyota Corolla HybridHyundai Elantra Hybrid
5 Seater5 Seater5 Seater
38 in. front
36.4 in. rear
38 - 38.3 in. front
37.1 in. rear
38.7-40.6 in. front
37.3 in. rear
43.2 in. front
34.8 in. rear
42 in. front
34.8 in. rear
42.3 in. front
38 in. rear
Trunk Space
23.8 ft³ - LE
20.3 ft³ - XLE & Limited
13.1 ft³14.2 ft³
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Materials and Colors

There aren't a lot of interior colors to choose from when configuring your Prius. In fact, Gradient Black or LT. Gray are your only choices, with materials comprising cloth inside the LE or SofTex inside the XLE and Limited. The dash and door panels are coated primarily in hard plastic.

2024 Toyota Prius Front Seats CarBuzz 2024 Toyota Prius Rear Passenger Seats CarBuzz 2024 Toyota Prius Trunk Space CarBuzz
2024 Toyota Prius Front Seats
2024 Toyota Prius Rear Passenger Seats
2024 Toyota Prius Trunk Space
Though your color choices are limited, the materials used inside the Prius can't be faulted for this price point.

Features and Infotainment

We have come to expect a lot from Toyota, even its entry-level cars, and the automaker usually delivers. In the case of the Prius, it comes with single-zone climate control, push-button start, keyless entry, and manually adjustable seats. This expands to include heated front seats, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, and a wireless charging pad in the XLE, while the Limited gets a Digital Key, ventilated front seats, driver-seat memory, and a fixed glass roof. Optional extras like a digital rearview mirror and heated rear seats can be added. The infotainment starts out as an eight-inch touchscreen with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Bluetooth, SiriusXM, and a six-speaker sound system. The larger 12.3-inch is available to the XLE but it only comes standard in the Limited, along with an eight-speaker JBL sound system.

2024 Toyota Prius Infotainment System CarBuzz 2024 Toyota Prius Gauge Cluster CarBuzz 2024 Toyota Prius Gearbox Controls CarBuzz
2024 Toyota Prius Infotainment System
2024 Toyota Prius Gauge Cluster
2024 Toyota Prius Gearbox Controls
Even the base model is well equipped, and more advanced features don't cost a fortune to add.
Single-zone climate control
Heated front seats
Power-adjustable driver's seats
Fixed glass roof
Heated rear seats
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No longer just the king of fuel economy, the Toyota Prius is now a punchy little hatchback that can be somewhat fun to drive.

The Prius may not be the fastest car, but what it lacks in performance, it more than makes up for in efficiency and driving simplicity. The 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine is standard in every Toyota Prius, regardless of the model you choose, making 150 horsepower and 139 lb-ft of torque before you add motors. If you want the front-wheel drivetrain, you get just a single motor for combined outputs of 194 hp, while AWD variants get a second motor and 196 hp total. Regardless of the setup you choose, a continuously variable transmission does the job of simulating gear shifts and regulating outputs.

It takes the Toyota Prius just over seven seconds to go from 0-60 mph, according to independent tests, and the small sedan can reach a top speed of 115 mph. This doesn't sound impressive off the bat, but it's more than adequate in the segment, beating out the Elantra Hybrid and Corolla Hybrid quite substantially. The Prius is definitely not a lifeless hybrid, delivering a decent amount of power when needed. Combined with light steering and confident grip, this makes the Prius quite pleasant to drive. It lacks a real sense of feedback, but it can still be quite fun, continuing to accelerate steadily, even at higher speeds, rather than losing steam.

2024 Toyota Prius Top View Driving Toyota 2024 Toyota Prius Rear Perspective Driving Toyota 2024 Toyota Prius Engine Bay CarBuzz
2024 Toyota Prius Top View Driving
2024 Toyota Prius Rear Perspective Driving
2024 Toyota Prius Engine Bay
Depending on if you opt for FWD or AWD, the Pirus offers between 194 and 196 horsepower.

Fuel Efficiency

Having firmly established itself as one of the segment leaders in terms of gas mileage, the Toyota Prius continues to boast some of the best mpg figures. The most economical of the lot is the LE with FWD at 57/56/57 mpg, which drops down to 52/52/52 mpg for the XLE and Limited trims. Equipping AWD has a noticeable impact, with the LE only getting 53/54/54 mpg, while the other AWD models get 49/50/49 mpg.

There are also differences in fuel capacity between the FWD and AWD versions. The former has a larger 11.3-gallon tank for at least 587 miles (or 644 miles on the base model), while all-wheel-drive trims can only travel a maximum of 514 mile (567 miles for base models) since they have a smaller 10.5-gallon gas tank.

2.0L Inline-4 Hybrid
Continuously Variable Automatic (CVT)
2.0L Inline-4 Hybrid
Continuously Variable Automatic (CVT)
194 hp196 hp
Top speed
115 mph115 mph
57/56/57 mpg - LE
52/52/52 mpg - XLE & Limited
53/54/54 mpg - LE
49/50/49 mpg - XLE & Limited
7.2 seconds7.1 seconds


As a Top Safety Pick+, the Toyota Prius makes for a perfect family car or commuter vehicle.

Since it was redesigned for 2023, the Toyota Prius has not been put to review for a safety rating by the NHTSA. Luckily, the IIHS hasn't dropped the ball and managed to put the 2023 model to the test in several categories. The hatchback received top scores of Good in each test, save for headlights, which got an Acceptable. It also managed to walk away with a Top Safety Pick+ award, and this should carry over for 2024.

Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 comes standard at the base level with pre-collision warning, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, lane tracing assist, road sign assist, and dynamic cruise control. All trims also get blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, hill start assist, a rearview camera, ABS, EBD, and eight airbags. Front and rear parking assist can be added cheaply to the LE, though they come standard on the upper trims, while Advanced Park and a panoramic-view camera are available only to the Limited.

Forward collision avoidance
Blind-spot assist
Front and rear parking sensors
Advanced Park
Surround-view camera

US NHTSA Crash Test Result

NHTSA safety ratings are not available at this time.


While there is no reliability rating for the current-gen Prius, the model has had an average track record from JD Power, which scored it at 75 out of 100. Fortunately, there are no recalls for the new-gen Prius, with the last recall listed in 2022 for an ECU software problem.

For 2024, the Toyota Prius's warranty comprises three years/ 36,000 miles of basic coverage, five years/60,000 miles for the powertrain, and eight years/100,000 miles for the hybrid systems.


  • Basic:
    3 Years \ 36,000 Miles
  • Drivetrain:
    5 Years \ 60,000 Miles
  • Corrosion:
    5 Years \ Unlimited Miles
  • Hybrid/Electric Components:
    8 Years \ 100,000 Miles
  • Roadside Assistance:
    3 Years \ Unlimited Miles
  • Maintenance:
    2 Years \ 25,000 Miles


Though it may have started off as a humdrum eco-hybrid, the Toyota Prius has evolved into quite the stunning looker, proving that you can have your cake and eat it. The front fascia is sharp and slopes downward, with similarly style LED headlights and C-shaped daytime running lights just above. A small grille rests between the two, featuring a mesh design, with a much wider bumper lower down that includes air intakes with mesh grille covers. The rear is a little chunkier but also well-styled. The trunk lid is positioned high up and has an almost spoiler-like appearance. Starting off with 17-inch wheels on the LE, the Prius can be equipped with alloys as big as 19 inches on the top trims.

2024 Toyota Prius Front Angle View CarBuzz 2024 Toyota Prius Rear Angle View CarBuzz 2024 Toyota Prius Side View CarBuzz
2024 Toyota Prius Front Angle View
2024 Toyota Prius Rear Angle View
2024 Toyota Prius Side View
The Prius of old was a bit of an eyesore, but the current generation looks as good as it feels on your wallet.

Verdict: Is The 2024 Toyota Prius A Good car?

While it has always been desired for its unbeatable fuel economy, the 2024 Prius is also good-looking, surprisingly potent, above average in practicality, and outfitted with loads of great features as standard. However, this is a fierce segment, and rivals like the Hyundai Elantra Hybrid are able to match it in many areas. This is why it can't afford any drawbacks, like the compromised rear passenger space due to the low roof. Nevertheless, the Toyota Prius remains one of the best models in the segment, if not the pack leader. It also benefits from an attractive price tag and high value proposition, even if there are cheaper options out there. Overall, the few things we can nitpick about are simply not enough to detract from the excellent package that is the latest-gen Prius.

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