2022 Toyota Prius Exterior and Dimensions

Toyota Prius Exterior Design Rating

2022 Prius Exterior

The exterior of the Prius has evolved over the years to feature things like bi-LED headlights and LED taillights, but the overall shape has remained mostly unchanged in order to maximize aerodynamic efficiency. Thus, you get a pretty smooth front end with only a few small grilles. 15-inch alloy wheels with full covers are standard but you can have 17-inch alloys on some trims, with a power sunroof also available. The hatchback rear of the Prius is still ghastly to look at, but a plastic bumper accent where you'd normally find a diffuser helps it look semi-decent. On the Nightshade Special Edition, gloss black accents and darkened headlight shrouds add a touch of sporty style, along with the blacked-out exterior trim.

2022 Prius Exterior Photos

2022 Toyota Prius Front Angle View Toyota 2022 Toyota Prius Rear Angle View Toyota 2022 Toyota Prius Side View Toyota
2022 Toyota Prius Front Angle View
2022 Toyota Prius Rear Angle View
2022 Toyota Prius Side View


Dimensions on the Prius are mostly the same across the range, with length measuring 180 inches across the board while the wheelbase is 106.3 inches. Width is rated at 69.3 inches, a figure that highlights just how narrow this vehicle is relative to most regular cars. Height is the only thing besides curb weight that varies a little. The height on FWD models is 57.9 inches while AWD variants reach 58.1 inches. Curb weight starts at 3,010 pounds on the base variant, while the heaviest model is the XLE AWD-e, with a starting curb weight rating of 3,210 lbs.

2022 Toyota Prius Exterior Dimensions:

Toyota Prius TrimsL EcoLELE AWD-eXLENightshadeXLE AWD-eNightshade AWD-eLimited
Max Width69.3 in.69.3 in.69.3 in.69.3 in.69.3 in.69.3 in.69.3 in.69.3 in.
Length180 in.180 in.180 in.180 in.180 in.180 in.180 in.180 in.
Height57.9 in.57.9 in.58.1 in.57.9 in.57.9 in.58.1 in.58.1 in.57.9 in.
Wheelbase106.3 in.106.3 in.106.3 in.106.3 in.106.3 in.106.3 in.106.3 in.106.3 in.

2022 Toyota Prius Weight Information:

Toyota Prius TrimsCurb Weight
L Eco3,010 lbs.
LE3,040 lbs.
LE AWD-e3,210 lbs.
XLE3,075 lbs.
Nightshade3,075 lbs.
XLE AWD-e3,220 lbs.
Nightshade AWD-e3,220 lbs.
Limited3,075 lbs.

2022 Toyota Prius Tires:

Front TireP195/65SR15
Rear TireP195/65SR15

2022 Toyota Prius Wheels:

Wheels TypeAluminum Wheels
Front Wheel Size15" x 6.5"
Rear Wheel Size15" x 6.5"

Exterior Colors

Unlike with some manufacturers, Toyota gives you access to a number of colors as standard, with Electric Storm Blue, Classic Silver Metallic, Magnetic Gray Metallic, Midnight Black Metallic, and Sea Glass Pearl all available at no cost. Also available are Supersonic Red and Wind Chill Pearl at $425 each. Certain interior colors will reduce the available paint options; for example, the LE and XLE can't be painted in Classic Silver or Magnetic Gray when the Harvest Beige interior is chosen. The Prius Nightshade Special Edition, however, does differ from the rest in that it can only be painted in no-cost Classic Silver, White, and Midnight Black.

  • Classic Silver Metallic
  • Midnight Black Metallic
  • White
  • Sea Glass Pearl
  • Electric Storm Blue
  • Magnetic Gray Metallic
  • Wind Chill Pearl
  • Supersonic Red

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