2023 VinFast VF 8 Exterior and Dimensions

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VinFast VF 8
VinFast VF 8 Exterior Design Rating

2023 VF 8 Exterior

Most onlookers seem to find the exterior design of the VinFasty VF 8 to be quite agreeable. Styled by Pininfarina, there isn't anything groundbreaking about the VF 8's design, but it isn't boring, either. In front, there is a double-headlight design that flanks the company's V-shaped logo, while chrome and bodywork elements around the badge are also applied in a V shape. Parking sensors are visible in the front bumper, and these are standard - as they are at the back.

The side view is straightforward, and the wheels are attractive; these measure 19 inches on the Eco and 20 inches on the Plus. Character lines on the doors give the side some shape but are not too heavy-handed.

At the rear, the taillights stretch almost entirely across the body, and as with the front, the V shape of the logo is repeated in the elements immediately surrounding it. The VinFast script is proudly displayed on the tailgate, a smart choice to help the automaker establish brand recognition.

LED headlights and taillights are standard, as are front fog lamps, power-folding door mirrors, and rear privacy glass. Only the Plus comes with a hands-free, power-operated liftgate and a panoramic sunroof. We did notice that panel gaps were worryingly inconsistent from one part of the body to the next, and bits of trim didn't line up.

2023 VF 8 Exterior Photos

2023 VinFast VF 8 Front View CarBuzz/Ian Wright 2023 VinFast VF 8 Rear View CarBuzz/Ian Wright 2023 VinFast VF 8 Front Angle View CarBuzz/Ian Wright
2023 VinFast VF 8 Front View
2023 VinFast VF 8 Rear View
2023 VinFast VF 8 Front Angle View


The dimensions of the VinFast VF 8 reflect a vehicle that is largely similar in size to the Tesla Model Y, despite the two cars having vastly different styling. The VF 8 has a length of 187 inches stretched over a 116.1-inch wheelbase, and its width works out to 76.1 inches. Both VF 8 models have a height of 65.6 inches.

At 5,600 pounds, the base VF 8 is very heavy - over 1,200 lbs portlier than the Model Y, in fact. In Plus specification, that figure rises to 5,732 lbs. It's likely that the models with the larger battery will weigh even more.

2023 VinFast VF 8 Exterior Dimensions:

VinFast VF 8 TrimsEcoCity Edition EcoPlusCity Edition Plus
Max Width76.1 in.76.1 in.76.1 in.76.1 in.
Length187 in.187 in.187 in.187 in.
Height65.6 in.65.6 in.65.6 in.65.6 in.
Wheelbase116.1 in.116.1 in.116.1 in.116.1 in.

2023 VinFast VF 8 Tires:

Front TireP225/55VR19
Rear TireP225/55VR19

2023 VinFast VF 8 Wheels:

Wheels TypeAluminum Wheels
Front Wheel Size19
Rear Wheel Size19

Exterior Colors

There are eight exterior colors that are available for the VinFast VF 8, and there's a bit more variety here than you get with Tesla. Jet Black and Brahminy White are the only no-cost options, but $700 will get you Neptune Grey or Desat Silver. For $990, there is a quartet of premium shades to choose from: Sunset Orange, Deep Ocean (a deep green hue), Crimson Red, and VinFast Blue.

  • Neptune Grey Metallic +$500
  • De Sat Silver Metallic +$500
  • VinFast Blue Metallic +$500
  • Crimson Red Metallic +$500
  • Sunset Orange Metallic +$750
  • Deep Ocean Metallic +$750
  • Jet Black
  • Brahminy White


What is the best color for the VinFast VF 8?

Brighter and more flamboyant hues work well on the VF 8, so we'd go for either Sunset Orange or VinFast Blue.

Which is the most expensive color for the VinFast VF 8?

There are four colors that each cost $990, the most you can pay for an exterior color. They are Sunset Orange, Deep Ocean, Crimson Red, and VinFast Blue.

Does the VinFast VF 8 come with a sunroof?

Only the Plus trim level comes with a panoramic sunroof as standard.

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