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Using the Compare Cars tool on the CarBuzz website is both easy and convenient, allowing for a side-by-side comparison of each car's price, performance, specs, and on-board technology, as well as vital information such as vehicle size and fuel economy. Why wade through lengthy brochures when you can easily weigh up the options online, here?

With our vehicle comparison tool, you can select 2 or 3 cars from various brands, models, years, or trim levels to determine the best deals and ensure you get the most value for your money. Since the experts at CarBuzz have done all the hard work for you and compiled their findings in an easy-to-read manner, all that's left for you to do is peruse our site to find the best car for your needs

The process of sorting through a shortlist of vehicles to compare can be daunting as there is so much data to find, decipher, and weigh up, especially within the broad automotive landscape in the USA. But, with this instrument, you can compare two cars, or even two models within the same range, to easily identify the elements that suit you best. Compare car prices, features, or compare specifications of similar cars quickly and easily to help make your purchasing decision a breeze. And, not only can you compare new cars, but if you’re looking at buying a used version, older models can be evaluated too.

How to Use the Compare Cars Tool

Here are the four easy steps to using our tool:

Step 1: Select the First Car: In the first row, select the make, model, and year of the first vehicle you would like to analyze from the drop-down menus. Brands are listed alphabetically for your convenience.
Step 2: Select the Second Car: In the same way, pick the vehicle you want to weigh up against the first from the available list, and then click on the blue ‘start comparison’ button.
Step 3 (Optional): Select a Third Car: Add a third vehicle, if you wish, by clicking ‘select car’ in the right-hand column, or select an alternative configuration for your first two vehicles from the menus under their respective names.
Step 4: Compare: Scroll down the page and expand the relevant sections you want to pore over - an overview provides quick references to important characteristics such as gas mileage, seating capacity, and cargo volume. Key points, such as performance comparisons between cars, will be shown in neighboring blocks for easy reading.


How can I compare cars on Carbuzz?

Our website offers the most user-friendly comparison of specs for new cars on its site. Simply navigate to the ‘Shopping Tools’ link on the home page, click on ‘Compare Cars’, and you will be able to choose whichever new vehicle you’re like to scrutinize.

Can I compare different car models?

Yes. You are able to not only select competing makes, but you can also stack up models within the same range - for example, you could highlight the Audi A4 Sedan in Premium, Premium Plus, or Prestige trims to see which has the most bang for your buck.

How do I compare car prices?

When you compare cars side-by-side, the MSRP of each vehicle is listed right at the top of the comparison table; you are also able to click on the link to the full review, where the dedicated pricing section explains costs, optional extras, and total outlay per vehicle.

Can I compare the features of each automobile?

Absolutely. There is a specific category that elaborates on what is available optionally and that which comes standard per trim level, broken down into infotainment, interior trim, comfort, and safety aids.
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