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Buy Here Pay Here dealerships could be the answer if you are stuck with bad credit and unable to get finance to buy a car. Being able to get yourself to work and your kids to school is vital, not to mention how important transport is for businesses. Not everyone is simply able to purchase a vehicle with cash or by means of a traditional finance arrangement, so having the option to buy a vehicle with bad credit through a Buy Here Pay Here dealer solves the problem.

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How to Buy A Car With Bad Credit

If you’re affected by bad credit, or have no credit to buy a car at all, buying cars from Buy Here Pay Here dealerships is the answer. A Buy Here Pay Here car lot offers in-house loans for those who are not eligible through the bank or another financing institution. Unlike these lenders, the decision to give a loan is not based on your credit score; instead, it’s based on your income. This is how buying a car with bad credit or no credit works:

Step 1: Visit the BHPH Lot Customers who want to buy a car with bad credit can approach dealers who offer this service directly. The process requires submitting proof of a stable income, which usually comprises two recent and consecutive pay stubs. Some dealers may even allow you to start this process online.
Step 2: Evaluation The BHPH dealer will evaluate your financial situation and determine whether you are able to afford a regular payment. You will be required to fill in some paperwork to help determine what your budget looks like.
Step 3: Choose a Car Based on the outcome of the evaluation, the dealer will propose a reasonably priced vehicle, and you’ll be able to shop in that price bracket right there and then.

Finding BHPH Dealerships Near Me

It’s never been easier to find car dealerships that take bad credit or no credit applications for buying a car. Searching for a BHPH dealership here is risk-free and saves you time and hassle doing research - simply enter your zip code to generate a list of local dealerships offering car financing with no credit checks. 

Should I Buy A Car From Dealerships if I have No Credit or Bad Credit?


  • No credit check: Even those with bad credit can buy a new car; you only need proof of income.
  • Simplicity: You apply, shop, and pay all in one place. Sometimes you can even start this process online and finalize it at the dealership, where you then get to choose a car.
  • The process is fast: If you need to get behind the wheel of a car as quickly as possible, this is one of the quickest ways to do it. The dealer will have an answer and possibly even a car for you in just one visit.
  • No effect on your credit score: In most cases, BHPH dealers don’t report to the credit bureau. While timely payments don’t positively affect your credit score (unless specified by the dealer), neither do missed payments.


  • You pay more: Finance rates will be substantially higher with ‘no credit car dealerships’ than other lenders, so the total you spend at the end of the day will be more.
  • Variety is limited: Because your eligibility is determined first, the selection of cars available to you is based on what you can afford, meaning you may have to choose a cheap, small, no-frills car.
  • Upfront payment: Large down payments may be required by the used car dealership as a trade off for having no credit.
  • No credit car deals still mean being responsible: The car will be repossessed if you don’t make regular payments.
  • Inconvenience: Depending on the dealer, you may be required to make weekly or bi-weekly payments instead of monthly, and you may need to pay at the dealership itself.

FAQs about Buy Here Pay Here

What does Buy Here Pay Here mean?

Buy Here Pay Here refers to dealerships that extend loans, often at a high interest rate, to customers with a poor credit history, in order to buy a car. Financing is done in-house and based on your income - you pay the dealer directly.

How does Buy Here Pay Here work?

Without checking your credit score, the BHPH dealership evaluates your ability to pay a monthly rate towards a car, based on your income. You submit proof of your income and complete other necessary paperwork, and if approved, the dealer finances the car for you, and you repay them as per the terms arranged.

How do Buy Here Pay Here deals affect my credit score?

Typically using a BHPH loan will not affect your credit score at all, even missed payments or having the car repossessed will not show up on your record. However, in some cases, BHPH dealers may make a point of reporting to the credit bureaus - make sure you know what your dealer’s process is.

Will car dealerships work with bad credit?

Not all dealerships are willing to extend loans to customers with bad credit. Buy Here Pay Here dealers specifically, do. Your eligibility for finance is based on your income and not your credit score. 

Can I get a car loan with a credit score of 500?

If you’re applying for finance through a credit union, bank, or other lenders, it is possible to get a loan with a subprime score of 500 - but at a much higher interest rate. If you want to buy a car through a BHPH dealer, your credit score doesn’t matter; a stable income and the ability to make a monthly payment is evaluated instead, although interest rates at BHPH dealers are also very high.

Does a large down payment offset bad credit?

No, a large down payment can improve your chances of being approved for a loan, but it does not change your credit score.

How do I get a car loan with bad credit or no credit?

The quickest, simplest way to get a car loan with bad credit/no credit is through Buy Here Pay Here dealerships, where in-house finance is based on your income.

What is the actual price I’m paying for a car and does that include interest paid?

The total price of the car at the end of the repayment period includes interest, the sale price of the vehicle, financing fees, and down payment if required. Fees and rates vary between dealers and your eligibility. Check your paperwork carefully for other costs pertaining to administration, handling, detailing, and/or delivery.

Who is the actual lender in BHPH deals and am I guaranteed the rate I’m being quoted?

The dealership itself extends financing in the case of BHPH. The rate you are being quoted will be stipulated in the agreement signed.

Can I still get a vehicle without a down payment?

Yes - there are BHPH dealers that do not require a down payment at all, although certain vehicles may require a lump sum payment upfront.

How many payments will I be making, and what is the exact amount?

This depends on your financial situation - payment amounts and frequency are based on your disposable income, how much you can safely spend, and the terms agreed to by the dealer.

Are there any potential penalties for my loan?

As with any financial institution, penalty fees can be applied for late payments, accelerated contracts, or defaulting on payments. The vehicle may be repossessed if too many payments are missed. This does depend on the individual dealer, however, as not all apply penalties in the same way. 

How high is my interest rate?

While BHPH loans are offered at a much higher rate than standard auto loans, the exact rate will depend on your unique situation and the terms the dealer offers.

What type of cars can I qualify for at a bad credit used car dealer?

Once you’ve submitted proof of your income, the dealer will recommend a price range that fits with your repayment ability - depending on how much you can afford to pay, you may only qualify for smaller, cheaper, or older cars, but newer, larger, more premium cars are also available. 

Which credit score do car dealerships look at?

Most traditional car dealerships look at your overall credit report from national credit bureaus, but can also look at your automotive FICO score, which shows how well you have repaid past car loans. BHPH dealers do not approve or reject loans based on credit score, however. They look at your income. 

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