10 Best Interiors Of 2018: Over $1 Million

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These are the best interiors if money was no object.

We have a reached a stage where nice, well-appointed car interiors can be found on all budgets. We've already covered our lists of the 10 best interiors at a sub-$50,000 level, as well as $50,000 to $100,000 range, and the wonderful world of cars over $100,000.

Even when a car costs over $100,000, it is somewhat limited in how special it can be. When you unlock that seventh digit at $1,000,000, the interiors become a different ballgame. Here are our favorite interiors of 2018 in the over one-million-dollar range.


Bugatti Chiron

Like its predecessor, the Veyron, the Bugatti Chiron is an amazing piece of engineering. You'd expect a nearly 1,500 horsepower to sacrifice a bit on luxury, but the Chiron's interior is one of the best on the market. Unlike most modern cars, the Chiron is devoid of screens, to give a more old school feel. The interior covered in expensive leather and carbon fiber, and like most cars on this list, can be customized to fit the owner perfectly.


Pagani Huayra

The Pagani Huayra is one of those cars, where nearly every new version is some kind of special edition. When you purchase a Huayra, you get to fly to Italy where Horacio Pagani himself will help you option out your new car in his lush new factory. If you spend enough, Pagani may even give your car a special name and call it a one-of-one. No matter how you option it, the Hyuara's interior is somehow old school and new school at the same time, and looks like a 1960s prediction of what 2018 car interiors would look like.


Koenigsegg Agera RS

Koenigsegg emerged around the same time as Pagani, with a focus on building cars with high top speeds. Though Koenigsegg interiors aren't as well-praised as Pagani, they are still made from high-class materials and can be extremely customizable. The current Agera RS ended production earlier this year, and we can't wait to see what its replacement will look like.


Apollo Intensa Emozione

The Gumpert brand didn't really work as a rival for Koenigsegg and Pagani, but Apollo Automobili, the company that bought it out, is trying again with a new track car called the Apollo Intensa Emozione. This $2.8 million track car borrows its V12 engine from the Ferrari F12, and features an interior that is so cool, a 12-year old couldn't have dreamt it up.

Apollo Automobil
MÁTÉ PetrÁNy / Road&Amp;Track

Aston Martin Valkyrie

The Aston Martin Valkyrie is an upcoming hypercar that will bring the feel of Formula 1 to the street. It hasn't been revealed as a production car as of yet, but we wanted to include it on this list because it has one of the most race-focused interiors we have ever seen on a production car - including an F1-style steering wheel.

Aston Martin

Mercedes-AMG Project One

Like the Valkyrie, the Mercedes-AMG Project One hasn't been revealed yet in full production spec. It will also focus on bringing F1 tech to the road, and will do so with a tiny 1.6-liter engine mated to a hybrid drivetrain. In similar fashion to the Aston Martin, the Mercedes will have a F1-style steering wheel with a minimalist cabin.


McLaren Senna

The McLaren 720S featured on our list of six-figure cars, and its more track focused brother, the Senna, appears on this list. The Senna takes the 720S, and turns it into a fire-breathing track monster. Whereas the 720S is built to be comfortable and fast, the Senna takes the former and throws it out the window with hardcore racing buckets and a stripped out interior.

Italdesign GT-R50

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the GT-R, Nissan teamed up with Italdesign to create the GT-R50. We thought that this would just be a one-off car to celebrate the big birthday, but Nissan will actually build 50 examples at $1 million each. The interior is based on the standard GT-R, but does away with the central screen to give it a more minimalist, elegant approach.


Rimac Concept_Two

It is usually very difficult for a small automaker to build a nice interior, but this wasn't the case with Rimac. The Concept One had a very nice interior, and the new C_Two looks to be even better. The company even included a built-in fire extinguisher,potentially as a result of Richard Hammond's nearly fatal crash.

Porsche 911 Reimagined By Singer

Singer may be one of the smaller automakers on this list, but it is making its presence known in a big way. The company builds 100% custom versions of old 911 models out of brand-new parts. The base product is incredible, and can be customized in an infinite number of ways to suit individual owners. Just hand Singer a blank check, and anything you can imagine can end up in the car.

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