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13 Cars Being Killed Off In 2019

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Which ones will we miss and which ones are we glad to see go?

Every year in December, we like to gather up all of the cars, trucks, and SUVs that will be killed off going into the next model year and give them a nice send-off. This year's list includes mostly sedans and hatchbacks with a few coupes and wagons thrown in for good measure. The discontinued models are indicative of an industry shift towards SUVs and crossovers, one that should continue well past 2019. Here are 13 cars you won't see past 2019 - some we will miss, others we are glad to see go.

Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe

With fewer than 500 units sold in 2016 and 2017, it is not surprising to see the Alfa Romeo 4C get the ax. Even by sports car standards, the 4C is extremely impractical with its minuscule trunk and lack of power steering. While we hate to see it go, the 4C Coupe will be discontinued in North America. You'll still be able to buy the 4C Spider, while the Coupe will remain available in other markets. We expect the 4C to eventually be phased out before the 8C and GTV return.

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BMW 3 Series Wagon

BMW has already introduced a new generation of 3 Series, codenamed the G20. The sedan has already been confirmed for the US market but the wagon will not be sold here. There are now no new BMW wagon models planned for the US market, leaving the Audi A4 Allroad and the larger E-Class wagon as the only options from the big three German luxury automakers. Volvo still offers a few wagons and Buick has the Regal TourX, though it is clear the wagon segment is on its knees in the US.

Buick LaCrosse

The Buick LaCrosse is the first of six General Motors products on this list to be killed off in a series of plant closures. Buick attempted to add a bit of excitement to the LaCrosse with new trim levels but they were not enough to coax buyers away from crossovers. A respectable 20,161 units of the LaCrosse were sold in 2017 but Buick realizes the large premium sedan market is fading fast.

Cadillac ATS (Sedan)

After 2018, the only Cadillac ATS model you will be able to buy is the two-door coupe model. The base ATS sedan as well as the four-door ATS-V will no longer be offered as Cadillac plans to replace it and the larger CTS with new models. Although we expect the upcoming CT5 to replace the ATS sedan, Cadillac's recent announcements don't fill us with a ton of confidence regarding the company's commitment to sedans.

Cadillac CT6

Along with the ATS sedan, Cadillac will also kill off its short-lived CT6 flagship sedan. Even after announcing a high-performance CT6-V model, the large sedan failed to meet sales expectations. Along with the CT6's death, we are beginning to question Cadillac's commitment to sedans in the future. Even the CT6's main rival, the Lincoln Continental, has an uncertain future.

Cadillac XTS

While we will miss the Cadillac CT6, we wave good riddance to the XTS. The front-wheel-drive sedan never caught our fancy, even in the V-Sport guise with 410 horsepower. Along with the other full-size sedans on this list, most consumers won't miss the XTS.

Chevrolet Impala

Although it isn't as exciting as the deceased Chevy SS, we always thought the Impala was a pretty handsome sedan. While Chevy sold over 75,000 units of the Impala in 2017 (likely due to a strong fleet presence), it wasn't enough to keep the full-size sedan from the chopping block.

Chevrolet Volt

As Chevy shifts its focus towards electric cars and autonomous vehicles, the Volt may go down as just a failed experiment. We really enjoyed the Volt and are sad to see it go. Few cars balanced such a usable EV driving range with the ability to fill up with gasoline for longer trips. We wouldn't be surprised if the Volt is replaced by a hybrid-electric crossover of some sort, though it seems like full EVs like the Bolt are GM's priority.

Ford Fiesta

Of the cars we are most upset to see be discontinued, the Ford Fiesta may be number one. Although there is already a brand-new Fiesta available in Europe, it won't be coming to the US. This means we will never get to experience the new Fiesta ST here in the US. With the Fiesta ST gone, there are very few compact hot hatchbacks left in the US such as the Mini Cooper S and Hyundai Veloster Turbo.

Ford Focus

Along with the Fiesta, we are sad to see the Focus go. After years of begging, Ford finally brought the hardcore Focus RS to the US. Unfortunately, the RS was shortlived as we will not receive the next generation model in the US. Instead, the Focus ST and Focus RS are being "replaced" with ST-branded crossovers like the Edge and Explorer. Ford may think this is a good idea but we doubt too many people will trade in their manual transmission hatchback for a big SUV.

Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion may not have been as exciting as the Fiesta ST or Focus RS but the Sport trim did offer up a 325-hp twin-turbo V6. Even though Ford was planning a refreshed Fusion, we won't get it in the US. The Fusion's death is part of Ford's plan to discontinue all car models except the Mustang in order to focus on trucks and SUVs. Although the Fusion did sell fairly well, it was not nearly as successful its Japanese rivals, the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry.

Ford Taurus

Unlike the other Ford models on this list, we won't miss the Taurus. The Taurus was last given a redesign in 2010 and the declining sales of full-size sedans never convinced Ford to update it. We hope a Mustang-based sedan with RWD comes along to replace the aging Taurus.

Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle is one of the more bittersweet farewells on this list. VW is sending the Beetle off with two Final Edition models, signifying the end of its 70-year production run. There are no immediate plans to replace the Beetle but we expect a return in the form of an all-electric model. We never thought the Beetle drove as well as the Golf GTI, so we won't miss it as much as other cars on this list.