18 Examples Of Bad Parking That Will Make You Mad

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Be prepared to get very, very angry.

Parking is the easiest part of driving. It's a very low-speed maneuver that requires a modicum of spatial awareness. Yet somehow, there are people that are either very bad at it, or just don't care about other people around them enough to perform a low level and everyday task with any degree of courtesy. Whether it's arrogance, carelessness, or both, we've found some examples of bad parking and some examples of people who have turned bad parking into an art form.

Corvette Double Play

So, you've bought yourself a nice new Corvette but you know that car parks are a dangerous place for fresh paint. Some people get really careless and open their doors straight into the car next to them, so how do you combat that? You claim two parking spaces for your single car of course.

Using The Vehicle's Capability

We've all gotten to work late, it's been raining, and some inconsiderate BMW driver has reversed in nicely between the lines leaving a full space for you. But you just can't be dealing with turning that round thing in front of you, so you may as well just park in the hedge, right?

Bad Parking Or...

Either the driver here couldn't pull off the handbrake-assisted180-degree turn reverse-entry into the parking space perfectly, or simply couldn't reverse into a box larger than the car. You decide.

Jumping In The Nearest Spot

This is a cautionary tale. You should never jump in the first spot you see, particularly if that spot is allocated for fire engines. The massive fire hydrant is the big hint if you miss the writing on the road. In this case, a BMW driver managed to just that on a day when there was a fire and the fire crew didn't mess about. They punched out a window on each side of the car and ran the hose straight through so they could put the fire out.

Next Level Parking Skills

Let's face it, parking is generally a boring task requiring basic skills and a low level of problem-solving ability. Some people create themselves a challenge though, and this piece of BMW parking is so next level we can't quite figure out how they managed it without damaging the rear bumper.

Proper Use Of Next Level Parking Skills

Very few people get to put their next level parking skills to use, but this grand master of vehicle placement was sick of not being able to find a spot to park and just as sick of the boulders blocking an area that could be used. Who says people buy SUVs and never use them properly?

The Art Of Next Level Parking

We don't know what art is, but we know it when we see it. What we don't see is exactly how this driver managed to get in there. This is some creative use of those next level parking skills.

Technical Protesting

Some people may see this as terrible and selfish parking, but we see the brilliance of the protest statement being made here. The walkway is clearly wider than it needs to be, otherwise, the steps would be wider, and that space could be used to fit more cars in the carpark. By using their next level parking skills this driver has found a spot to park in and left just enough space for pedestrians to squeeze by while making a point.

Over-Stretching Parking Skills

Here we have a lesson in "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should." Yes, that gap is too good to be true, but the driver forgot one very important part of parking: always have an exit strategy. Preferably one that doesn't involve swimming. Or, for that matter, one that requires a crane to get back out of the lot and on your way later.

Know Your Vehicle's Limitations

This is the result of another important lesson in next level parking that somebody missed. Just because your vehicle has all-wheel drive that doesn't mean it can just go anywhere. If you're going to try and pull off some off-road parking, make sure you have the tires to match the conditions.

Upper Level Parking

When there's very little space in a parking garage, be courteous to others and take up as little room as possible.

Use Your Environment

This parking guru has used the natural UK parking environment perfectly to protect their prized classic. It could be considered bad parking, and we know it rains a lot in the UK, but do shopping carts really need their own shelter?

Using Those Tight Spaces Effectively

If you just can't find a space in a small and crowded parking lot, then it's time to get creative and think outside of the box.

Beware The Butterfly Effect

You may have high level parking skills, but that doesn't mean those around you do. If you get creative, just be aware others may follow your lead and make a complete mess of it.

Get The Message

Of course, bad parking is just bad parking and it can really annoy people. In this case, someone was annoyed enough to send a creative message to the driver of the tiny car taking up two spaces.

Preserving Bad Parking

When there's just no excuse for bad parking. In this case, someone was annoyed enough to put some real work and a lot of plastic wrap into some creative revenge.

Not So Smart Car

Those that drive Smart cars love to tell us that they can park in the smallest of gaps. However, this is another example of "Just because you can doesn't mean you should," but with the added twist of some neighborly retribution for abusing the parking advantage.

Chalking Up A Lesson

There's something really satisfying about this one. A direct message to an arrogant truck driver that probably thought they were being clever and funny. We do have a question though: Did the person that left the message happen to have several colors of chalk with them, or go into the store and buy them specifically for the job?

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