5 Features The Upcoming Toyota Supra Must Have

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This is what the Supra needs to be perfect.

The reborn Toyota Supra, or Gazoo Racing Supra, or whatever Toyota decides to call it, is so close we can taste it. So far, the car has only been shown off in racing form, but the road going version is one of the most highly anticipated cars of the year. The Supra name has been on hiatus for 20 years, so Toyota really needs to make sure it gets this new one right. And we hope it does. In fact we have a pretty specific wish list for the new Supra that we're hoping Toyota agrees with.

Lots Of Power

Under the hood, the new Supra is expected to utilize a BMW-sourced 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six producing around 335 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque. This is not a low figure by any stretch, but it doesn't really set the sports car market on fire by 2018 standards. Back in 1998, the twin-turbo 2JZ produced 320 hp, so a 15 hp increase in 20 years just seems kind of lackluster. We hope that like the original Supra, there will be a more powerful version producing at least 400 hp. The rumored Supra hybrid could end up being the more powerful performance option.

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Offer A Manual

So far, all signs point to the new Supra using some form of eight-speed automatic, which could possibly be a dual-clutch unit. Toyota's Chief Engineer has expressed that a manual Supra makes sense, and that he will "try [his] hardest" to make it a reality. We don't won't him to try, we want him to make it happen. The Supra is one of the most legendary sport car nameplates in history, and we can't imagine that enthusiasts wouldn't buy a manual model in significant numbers. We hope Toyota doesn't disappoint us by making the Supra automatic only.

Don't Copy BMW

We know Toyota is co-developing the new Supra alongside the BMW Z4, but we hope that these two cars will be very different from each other. Obviously the styling will be different, but we don't want the Supra to just feel like a BMW on the inside. Anyone who has stepped inside a Fiat 124 or Toyota iA knows that they look exactly like a Mazda on the inside. This is what we'd like Toyota to avoid with the Supra. We'd also like each car have its own unique driving characteristics and engine options. Unfortunately, what we are talking about is expensive to engineer, so these two cars could end up being more similar than we hoped.

Make Tuners Happy

One of the most desirable aspects of the old Supra was its ability to become a 1,000-hp monster with a little tuning and some engine work. We hope the new Supra will continue to be the ideal car for tuners. This is one of the few wishes on this list that we can all but guarantee. Modern BMW engines such as the N54 and N55 have huge tuning cultures around them, so the Supra will likely have many options on the aftermarket to develop more power.

Keep It Affordable

The final thing we hope for on the new Supra is a relatively affordable price. We don't know for sure how much power the Supra will have, so it is difficult to predict what the price will be. Given the price of other sports cars with over 300 hp, we can't picture the Supra costing less than $50,000. If Toyota does build a more powerful model with around 450 hp, it could approach $70,000. This is a lot to spend on a car with a Toyota badge, so we hope the price will be somewhat reasonable . Only time will tell how much the new Supra will cost, but we remain optimistic. Let us know in the comments how much would you be willing to spend on a 335-hp Toyota Supra?