Awesome New Cars You May Have Missed From Monterey Car Week 2018 (Updated)

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Here are our favorite cars that were shown off.

Monterey Car Week, or automotive nirvana as we'd like to call it, consists of seven days worth of car-related events showing off some of the most incredible cars in the world. While many of the events are centered around displaying high-dollar classics, automakers use the opportunity to reveal their latest and greatest cars to the crowds of wealthy car enthusiasts. This year, we have chosen nine of our favorite reveals from the many Car Week events like Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

Audi PB18 e-tron Concept

Ok, so we're starting off with a concept car that no one will actually be able to buy, but that doesn't stop us from loving the Audi PB18 e-tron Concept. This all-electric supercar packs three electric motors: a 201 horsepower unit at the front and two other motors at the rear wheels producing 604 hp. Combined output is 671 hp, but 764 hp is available in short bursts. Audi says the car can hit 60 mph in just over 2 seconds and we hope the company finds some way to put it into production.

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Infiniti Prototype 10 Concept

Like Audi, Infiniti's big reveal at Pebble beach was a concept car. Unlike the Audi, which may have some chance of eventually reaching production, the Infiniti Prototype 10 is purely a design study. We don't see any universe where Infiniti starts selling an electric one-seater with no roof or windshield, but we like the look of this concept nevertheless.



At long last, the BMW Z4 has finally returned. The Z4 has been a hot topic for discussion, along with its Toyota Supra twin. Now that it's finally here, we like what we see. The car looks handsome yet aggressive, especially in the M40i trim that BMW showed off at the reveal. We still don't know how much power the car will produce, but rumors estimate between 340 and 380 hp. It is also unknown whether a manual transmission will be offered, so we still have to wait for more details from BMW.


Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

In what was one of the biggest reveals at Pebble Beach, Lamborghini finally pulled the wraps off the Aventador SVJ. We've known that this car has been in development for a while now, and what may be the swan song of the Aventador lineup did not disappoint. The V12 engine now produces 770 hp, and the new ALA aerodynamics system keeps the car planted to the road. All of the power and aerodynamic wizardry culminates in a production car lap record at the Nurburgring of 6:44.97.


SSC Tuatara

What could possibly top a 770 hp Lamborghini reveal? How about a 1,750 hp hypercar from SSC. After much teasing and a long hiatus from building its last hypercar, the Ultimate Aero, SSC returned with the Tuatara. The stats are simply mind-boggling - a twin-turbo 5.9 liter V8 producing 1,350 hp (or 1,750 on E85), a limited production run of 100 units, and the ability "to easily surpass the current [top speed] world record." Color us impressed.

Ssc North America

Ferrari 488 Pista Spider

Lamborghini wasn't the only Italian company to show up with a limited edition supercar. Not to be outdone, Ferarri arrived with the 488 Pista Spider, the drop-top version of its lightweight, special edition 488. Like the coupe, the Pista Spider is powered by a 3.9-liter V8 producing 720 hp and 568 lb-ft of torque. As with the coupe, we are sure that the Spider is already sold out to loyal Ferrari enthusiasts and the price is already on its way up.


Jaguar E-Type Zero

Few cars in history have ever been quite as pretty as the original Jaguar E-Type. Enzo Ferrari once called it the prettiest car in the world. The only trouble with owning one was the constant fear that it would break down before you got where you were going. At this year's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, Jaguar Classic announced that it would put its E-Type Zero concept into production. Now buyers will have the amazing looks of an E-Type with a reliable electric drivetrain - just don't expect it to be cheap.

Porsche 911 Turbo Project Gold

Like Jaguar, Porsche also revealed a special project that takes from the company's history. Porsche Classic, the automaker's restoration division, has taken an original 993 generation body shell and transformed it into what it calls Project Gold. The car has been thoroughly reworked so that it looks true to the original, while also benefiting from modern enhancements like the Turbo S Exclusive Series paint.

Powering the Project Gold is a brand new 3.6-liter twin-turbo flat-six engine developing 450 hp. The car will be auctioned off next month at RM Sotheby's Porsche 70th Anniversary Sale in Atlanta, Georgia, where it will likely go for seven figures.


Bugatti Divo

Last, but certainly, not least is the Bugatti Divo. What more can we say about this magnificent creation from Bugatti? Like the Chiron, the Divo is powered by an 8.0-liter W16 engine pumping out 1,479 hp. Whereas the Chiron is focused on achieving the highest top speed, the Divo is built to tackle race tracks with optimized aerodynamics as well as chassis and suspension tuning. As a result of all of the changes, the Divo will "only" hit 236 mph instead of 261 mph, but it will be extremely rare with only 40 units slated for production at $5.8 million a pop.


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