7 Coolest Car-Themed Gift Ideas For Car Lovers In 2022

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Everything from stocking stuffers to dream gifts.

Every year around the holidays, someone will struggle to find a gift for the car enthusiast on their shopping list. People who love cars are notoriously tricky to buy for because what are you going to do... buy them a car? With that in mind, CarBuzz likes to create a yearly list of gift ideas that are automotive-themed.

Some of the cool options from last year include car-related LEGO kits, a racing video game, a $286,000 Bugatti pool table, and a trip to the Porsche Experience Center. As always, we have some evergreen ideas such as a nice car detail, car-themed clothing, a performance driving school trip, and vehicle organizing solutions. Here are our coolest gifts in 2022 for the car lover in your life.


1. Porsche Design Soundbar ($12,000)

Our holiday gift guide typically includes one outrageously-priced dream option, and this year is a soundbar from Porsche Design. A typical soundbar might cost around $100, but this one is made using the exhaust from a Porsche 911 GT3 and costs $12,000. Porsche Design will only make 500 units, so chances are you probably won't be able to nab one. If you hit the lottery and can afford this incredible speaker, it features 300 watts, 4K HDMI ports, AirPlay 2.0 streaming, and built-in Google Chromecast. It also looks particularly brilliant.

Porsche Design Porsche Design

2. Sock Affairs Car-Themed Socks ($10-$12)

Most jobs won't let employees go to work wearing a car-themed graphic tee, but even a white-collar position may let you have some fun with your socks. For automotive enthusiasts, we recommend Sock Affairs, a sock company that started in 2018 by two guys who wanted adults to have a fun way to show their passions at work. Sock Affairs has an entire Motors section with cool patterns such as GTI Plaid, DeLorean Time Machine, Porsche Pink Pig, and BMW E36 M stripes. These cool socks make a great stocking stuffer.

Sock Affairs Sock Affairs Sock Affairs Sock Affairs

3. Coffee Table Books ($60)

Coffee table books are always a worthy option for car lovers of all ages who enjoy reading or simply looking at cool pictures. This year there are several anniversary books available, but three of the best include:

  • Corvette 70 Years: The One and Only by Richard Prince
  • Porsche 75th Anniversary: Expect The Unexpected by Randy Leffingwell
  • Shelby American: 60 Years of High Performance by Colin Comer and Rick Kopec

All three books will look great on your coffee table and contain epic photography, unique stories, and around 250 pages each.

Colin Comer and Rick Kopec Randy Leffingwel Richard Prince

4. Gran Turismo 7 ($30-$60)

Last year we recommended Forza Horizon 5, an open-world racing game where players could explore the environment, drive off-road, and just have a fun time. 2022's newest car video game is Gran Turismo 7, which is more of a hardcore driving simulator. The game features over 420 cars, 34 race tracks, the ability to fine-tune vehicles, and some of the most realistic graphics we've seen. It's a must-have game for car lovers who own a PlayStation 4 or 5, and because it's been out for a few months, you can pick up a copy below full retail price. It's also the 25th anniversary of the game this year, so new content is being added the whole time.

PlayStation/YouTube PlayStation/YouTube PlayStation/YouTube PlayStation/YouTube

5. Dodge Challenger Ride-On ($200)

If you're shopping for a child who loves cars, we can think of no better gift than an electric ride-on car. This toy will provide hours of enjoyment until they eventually grow out of it and want to take up carting. For 2022, there is a new ride-on toy from iRerts based on the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. It includes two 25-watt electric motors, a 12-volt rechargeable battery, remote control operation, and a working USB/MP3 interface. Parents can choose between three distinct colors or a police livery.

iRerts iRerts iRerts iRerts

6. Lamborghini 24Bottles ($43)

If you're anything like us, you take a water bottle wherever you go. In that case, why not make your bottle representative of your passion for cars? Lamborghini partnered with 24Bottles earlier this year on a Clima Bottle and Travel Tumbler. Sadly, the tumbler appears to be sold out, but you can still nab the Clima Bottle, which can keep drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. Not only is it functional, but it looks cool too, and since it's available at Lamborghini dealerships, you can spend some time perving over the hot metal while you pick it up.

Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini

7. Car-Themed Timepiece ($1,000-$2 Million)

Most car enthusiasts also love watches, and this connection is easily apparent with how many automaker timepiece collaborations we've seen in 2022. Prices on these vary wildly depending on quality, rarity, and brand, but chances are you can find something with an automotive connection on your budget. Just this year we've seen some cool options like Civic Type R watch from Seiko (around $1,700), the 100-year anniversary Lincoln Shinola Runwell Sport Chronograph ($1,100), and Porsche Design All Black Numbered Edition ($10,500). Or if you really want to dream, maybe consider the Ferrari Richard Mille UP-01, the thinnest watch in the world ($2 million).

Ferrari Porsche Design Lincoln Seiko

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