Must-See Drag Races That You Need To Watch

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See if you can guess which car wins each race.

Back in July, we compiled a list of the most awesome drag races that were stagged during the month. There have been many awesome drag races since then, so once again we have found several epic drag races and compiled them here for your viewing pleasure. For a bit of added fun, try to predict the outcome of every race and see if you can guess correctly each time. Be sure to post how many you accurately predicted in the comment section - and no cheating.

Lamborghini Urus Vs. Huracan

A fairly easy one, this Lambo vs Lambo race shouldn't be too hard to predict. Even though the V10-powered Huracan produces 610 horsepower, it is actually down on power compared to the Urus with its twin-turbo 650 hp V8. So, which Lamborghini is quicker, the purpose-built supercar or the practical SUV?

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Porsche Boxster Vs. Ford Fiesta ST

Let's see, a mid-engined sports car versus an affordable hot hatchback, seems easy to predict the outcome right? Well, what if we told you that mid-engined sports car was a 2006 Porsche Boxster and the hot hatchback was a Ford Fiesta ST? The Boxster uses a 2.7-liter flat-six producing 240 hp while the Fiesta uses a 1.6-liter turbo-four producing 197 hp. The Fiesta is about 10 years newer, so perhaps hot hatchbacks have caught up to sports cars from a decade ago.

BMW 5 Series Vs. Mercedes E-Class Key Fob Race

This is the strangest race on this list for sure. Instead of seeing which is faster, the BMW 5 Series or Mercedes E-Class, these guys decided to see which car has the faster crawl function. Both cars are fitted with special features that allow them to crawl slowly without needing a driver. The race is controlled via the key fobs, so which system do you think will be faster?

Tesla Model 3 Performance Vs. Model 3 Long Range

Don't worry if you haven't guessed them all correctly, because we decided to throw in a gimmie. Tesla recently revealed the Model 3 Performance, which is now the fastest version on sale. It is clearly faster than the normal long range car, but how much faster is it exactly?

Supercars Vs. Supercars

In this video, there are almost too many amazing drag races to count. The event took place at an airport runway in Switzerland and features some incredible supercars going toe-to-toe. Some highlights include an SLS Black Series versus a Ferrari F12 and a Porsche Carrera GT vs a Ferrari F50. Turn up your speakers for this one.

911 Turbo S Vs. BMW M5 Vs. Nissan GT-R

The Nissan GT-R and Porsche 911 Turbo S have always been very closely matched. Both feature twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engines, all-wheel-drive, and dual-clutch transmissions. Just for fun, Autocar also decided to throw in the new BMW M5 to see if it stands a chance against the two sports cars.

Honda Civic Si Vs. Dodge Charger Hellcat

When it comes to cars that can defeat a Hellcat on a drag strip, a Honda Civic Si isn't the first that comes to mind. Sure, people can tune Civics to be fast, but this is a 707-hp Hellcat we are talking about here. The winner of this drag race lets off the throttle towards the end, just to keep it fair... wink wink.

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