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Ford will stop building cars in the US. These are some of the best it ever made.

We are still trying to remain calm after Ford announced plans to discontinue all non-SUV models except for the Mustang and Focus Active. We know the company is cooking up plenty of fast SUVs to quench our thirst for performance, but we still can't help but mourn all of the amazing cars Ford is turning its back on. Ford has made many incredible cars over the years, and we've chosen seven in particular that we want to pay tribute to on this list. Since the Mustang will live on, none of Ford's amazing Mustang models will be memorialized here.

Ford Focus RS

The Focus RS is the newest model on our list, at least in the United States. Europe has had the Focus RS for a few generations, but the US only recently got a taste of Ford's ultimate hot hatchback. Ford is reportedly working on the next generation Focus RS, which is set to use a mild-hybrid drivetrain with around 400 horsepower. After that, the Focus RS will likely be killed off along with the other non-SUV Ford models. Unless Ford decides to get wacky and build an RS version of the Focus Active.

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Ford Escort Cosworth

Long before the company had its own performance division to build ST and RS cars, Ford turned to famous engineering company Cosworth to build its fastest models. From 1992 to 1996, Ford sold a homologated version of its Group A rally car: the Escort Cosworth. This pocket rocket was powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine with 224 hp, which has today become a cult classic.

Ford Capri

Before Americans were pining for cars like the Escort Cosworth and Focus RS, Europeans lusted for the Mustang. Luckily, European Ford fans had their own RWD coupe, the Capri. The Capri was built from 1968 and 1986, and the US later received a rebadged Mercury Capri, which lasted until 1994.

Ford RS200

It seems odd that some of the best Ford models of all time were never sold on the company's home turf in the US. Of these awesome cars, the RS200 stands out above the rest. So much so, that Ken Block went out and bought one for himself. The RS200 was a homologated Group B rally car built from 1984 to 1986. In race spec, the 2.1-liter turbocharged four-cylinder Cosworth engine produced over 750 hp. Only 200 road-going versions were built, making the RS200 a rare collectible.

Ford Taurus SHO

By today's standards, the Ford Taurus SHO looks extremely tame. Back in 1989, it was one of the best sport sedans money could buy. The original SHO, short for Super High Output, was powered by a Yamaha Built V6 engine that redlined at 7,000 rpm. This was also the only Taurus to feature a Mazda-designed manual transmission. By the third generation, the Yamaha V8 was replaced by a 3.4-liter V8 and an automatic, and the car lost much of its luster until the fourth generation debuted in 2010.

Ford Crown Victoria

Even though it is easily the least sporty vehicle on this list, the Crown Victoria may be the most important car Ford ever built. The Crown Vic was simple, which meant it was extremely reliable. It was also extremely spacious for passengers and cargo. This is why the Crown Vic has gone on to service as police cars and taxi cabs in the US. Too bad police officers and taxi drivers will have to find a new car to drive around.


Ford Falcon

The final car on our list is yet another Ford that wasn't sold in the US, the Falcon sedan and Ute. These modern classics were built in Australia, but never sold here. Now that all car manufacturing in Australia has ended, there is no chance that Ford will build awesome RWD sedans and Utes like the Falcon.


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