8 Crazy Pickup Trucks We'd Love To See On The Road

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Ever wondered what a Ferrari pickup truck would look like? Or a Lambo revival of the LM002 pickup?

Pickup trucks are big business the world over, especially in America, where the Ford F-150 and Toyota Tacoma are household names. But what if brands typically unassociated with the pickup truck were to enter that realm? We're talking about everything from luxury brands like Jaguar and Volvo to Ferrari and Lamborghini. Think of this as an extreme game of "pickup truck what if?" with a little bit of assistance from artificial intelligence (AI) to create interpretations of what trucks from these brands might look like. We've previously performed the same exercise with city cars with some hilarious outcomes, so let's see how the pickup trucks fare.


1. Ferrari Pickup Truck

Ferrari is the last brand you'd expect to build a pickup truck, but just last week, we heard a rumor that someone in the UAE had commissioned just that from the Prancing Horse. Now, we're almost entirely certain Ferrari would never build something like that, but it piqued our curiosity nonetheless. If Ferrari were to build a pickup, what form would it take?

It wouldn't be a body-on-frame truck, that's for sure, but we're sure the modular architecture used to underpin the Purosangue could be used to create a unibody ute for some fun in the desert. Sure, it wouldn't have much payload or towing capacity, but who cares? It would certainly be one hell of a conversation starter.

Ferrari pickup truck

Jaguar I-Pace Pickup

Jaguar is reinventing itself as an all-electric brand but currently only has one EV on sale: the I-Pace. But what if Jaguar decided to take a leaf out of Land Rover's historical playbook with a pickup derivative of an SUV?

It's not going to happen, but with the Cybertruck dominating headlines, VW priming a Scout EV pickup, and demonstrations of excess like the GMC Hummer EV finding favor as lifestyle pickups, a Jaguar I-Pace truck isn't conceptually all that farfetched.

Thankfully, Jaguar's ambitions lie elsewhere, with a new EV platform being developed that will underpin a new four-door GT to rival the Porsche Panamera, and it's already promised the newcomer will be its most powerful model ever made. Meanwhile, the I-Pace will not survive past the current generation.

Jaguar I-Pace pickup truck

Hyundai Palisade Pickup

Hyundai has a mass of experience building real trucks and commercial vehicles, but hasn't yet climbed aboard the mainstream pickup bandwagon. The Palisade is a hot-selling three-row crossover from the brand that could actually form the basis of a pretty cool lifestyle pickup truck in the same vein as the Honda Ridgeline. The basics are there with a robust V6 engine and bold styling, and we've been told the next-gen Palisade is going to get even wilder. So why not build a pickup variant?

While many of the trucks on this list are unlikely at the very least, this is one we think could actually work as a big brother to the Hyundai Santa Cruz.

Hyundai Palisade pickup truck

Lamborghini Urus Pickup

Lamborghini invented the super SUV with the LM002 in the 1980s, but just like the Hummer it was intended to rival, it was also sold as a pickup truck. So what if Lamborghini gave the same treatment to the LM002's spiritual successor, the Urus?

It already has the wild looks, and we know it would be used to show off more than haul stuff around, making it a pavement princess rather than a real utility vehicle, but we kinda like how it looks. And with powerful V8 engine options, it'd be one of the fastest pickup trucks around.

The only problem is that the MLB evo platform that underpins the Urus is a unibody platform for sedans and SUVs, and the VW group doesn't build unibody trucks of this size.

Lamborghini Urus pickup truck

Land Rover Range Rover/Discovery Pickup

JLD is spinning off Range Rover and Discovery as separate brands, but what if one of them decided to launch a pickup? Land Rover knows how to build an off-roader, even one with unibody construction like the new Defender (which has had pickups of its own before and may yet spawn another), so the brand can do something epic here.

We can imagine this being a lifestyle truck, but one that can back up its claims as an off-roader when things get serious, all while providing the occupants with one of the most luxurious experiences around.

With BMW V8 power under the hood, this would be no slouch, either. File this under "We wish it would happen, but probably won't."

Land Rover Discovery pickup truck

Kia Sorento Pickup Truck

Forget about the terrible logo on the nose (AI image generation doesn't like logos and wordmarks) and just think about it for a moment - a Kia pickup based on the Sorento, or even better, the Telluride, to rival the Honda Ridgeline. It wouldn't exactly be the workhorse you'll get in a Toyota Tacoma, but it has the opportunity to sell like hotcakes and look damn good doing so.

A Kia pickup truck isn't all that farfetched an idea, however, and one is, in fact, en route. The Kia Tasman is the name of a body-on-frame pickup from the South Korean brand that will enter the midsize segment against the Tacoma and Ford Ranger. There's no word on whether it'll reach America, though.

Kia Sorento pickup truck

Volvo EX90 Pickup

Volvo is going electric at a rapid pace and the EX90 three-row SUV is its new halo model replacement for the XC90. Built upon a scalable electric skateboard chassis, creating a pickup truck version would require nothing more than a coachbuilt body and some suspension revision to cope with the rigors of a truck. With up to 496 horsepower and 671 lb-ft of torque in its most performance-focused trim, the EX90 is a potent SUV, and that torque would be a boon in a pickup truck.

Luxury pickups are still a niche market segment, but then again, the SUV used to be too, once seen as a utilitarian vehicle only. Now, crossovers dominate every market segment.

Volvo EX90 pickup truck

Mercedes-Maybach Pickup

Mercedes has already tried and failed to get into the pickup truck game with the X-Class outside of the USA, but the problem with the X-Class is that it cost Mercedes money for what was essentially a Nissan Frontier under the skin. The only Mercedes thing about it was the design and the optional diesel V6.

A genuine Mercedes luxury pickup has the potential to succeed if Merc went all-in on a low-volume Maybach product, and we think the Vision Mercedes Maybach Ultimate Luxury concept is the perfect starting point. That was a giant high-riding luxury sedan, but we envision a truck bed instead of a trunk. It'd be the ultimate luxury showcase for billionaires in third-world countries to show the peasants that nothing can stop you, not even their disgust.

Mercedes-Maybach pickup truck

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