9 Cool Cars Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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A quick guide to the coolest Marvel cars.

The Marvel cinematic universe (MCU) is a modern pop-culture phenomenon. Comic book-based movies aren't new, but they've never been great. (Ian obviously never watched Spider-Man 2 - ed)

The first MCU movie was Iron Man, who wasn't an A-list character, but Marvel still had the rights and figured Robert Downey Jr would make a decent Tony Stark. Somehow, everything came together, and Downey Jr. embodied the Stark and Iron Man characters to the point where it started a massive shift in the film industry.

Since Iron Man and its sequels, Marvel has plumbed the depths of the characters and created a wondrous cinematic universe with long story arcs for its fans. Cars aren't a massive part of the Marvel universe, but when they pop up, they're generally well-cast. These are our favorite MCU cars.


Tony Stark's Audi R8

What car would an egocentric, stylish billionaire tech genius drive? It would be something powerful, beautifully engineered, and stylish - but not to the point it would distract from him. In short, an Audi R8. It also gave the R8 a bit more kudos, as owners could drive around pretending to be the famous Tony Stark.

The R8 has an Italian heart in the form of its Lamborghini V10 engine wrapped in a German-engineered suit. Stark is seen driving an R8 in each of the Iron Man solo movies and Avengers: Age Of Ultron. It was the first product-placed Marvel car, and it was perfect.

For some odd reason, Tony Stark drove a pre-production Acura NSX in The Avengers, but it just felt wrong. In every movie after that, he was behind the wheel of an Audi. (See further down).

Marvel Studios

Nick Fury's Chevrolet Impala SS

Captain Marvel is one of the more underrated MCU movies. It's a two-hour nostalgia trip for Generation X and features another perfectly cast Marvel car.

The movie is an ode to the 1990s and features a younger Nick Fury driving his 1995 Chevrolet Impala SS. It's the perfect all-American badass spy car as it's a sneaky muscle car disguised by a nondescript sedan body. Under the hood, it packs a Chevrolet LT1 V8 engine making 260 horsepower that could take the Impala SS to 145 miles per hour.

The 1990s was not a great time for V8 power but mixed with the cloaked exterior and the leather interior, it's the perfect Nick Fury car.

Marvel Studios

Ego's Ford Mustang II King Cobra

The Guardians Of The Galaxy movies thrive on GenX nostalgia because, well, we're in charge of the movie industry now.

The Ford Mustang II King Cobra is the worst of the Marvel cars, but nothing says the 1970s like a Mustang II King Cobra T-Top in blue with orange decals and a brown interior. It's driven in a flashback by Peter Quill's god-like Celestial dad, Ego, when he visits Earth looking for meaning and falls in love with Quill's mother.

In reality, the Mustang II King Cobra was a major disappointment to pony car enthusiasts of the era. Its 5.0-liter V8 in the 1978 model used in the movie made 130 hp...

Peterson Museum

Tony Stark's Ford 1932 Model B Flathead Roadster

Tony Stark's character is an engineering and technology genius, and to flesh that out, the writers made sure to show it's a passion that stretches over several decades.

To do that, they gave him a Ford Model B Flathead Roadster project car in his garage. Or, Jon Favreau, the director of 2008's Iron Man, wanted an excuse to put his pride and joy on screen.

Either way, the hot rod is real but has, reportedly, never been driven. We choose to believe it's a mixture of both and a nice little easter egg in the movie.

Marvel Studios

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C7

Captain America: Winter Soldier was a landmark movie in the MCU as it's where things start getting real and gritty.

It wanders off from the typical superhero tropes and ventures into spy and conspiracy movie territory. Agent Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) featured heavily in the storyline and needed a car to suit her. Luckily, the C7 generation of Corvette was brand new, and some product placement couldn't hurt.

Romanoff's Corvette is suitably decked out in all-black, and she uses it to pick up Steve Rogers (Captain America) early in the movie. Fittingly, she smokes the rear tires as she sets off into the horizon with Cap riding shotgun.


Black Panther's Lexus LC

It would get stale if all of the Marvel superhero cars were Audi. Chevrolet got a decent look with the Corvette, but Lexus got the most incredible shots in an MCU movie so far.

In Black Panther, the Lexus LC is remotely driven and features in a chase scene for around five minutes. The crowning moment for the Lexus PR department is the shot below of Black Panther crouching on top of it as it hammers the streets of Busan, South Korea, chasing bad guys.

It's a perfect example of product placement.


Audi e-tron GT Concept

Audi's relationship with the Tony Stark character ended (probably) with Avengers: Endgame. Downey Jr.'s final outing as Stark coincided with Audi touting its Audi e-tron GT concept.

It seems like forever ago and yesterday that it was 2018, and the Audi e-tron GT Concept was bleeding edge technology suitable for Tony Stark to drive and the perfect Avengers car. The e-tron arrived properly in 2021 with 469 hp and shared 40 percent of its parts with the Porsche Taycan.

What it mainly has over the Taycan is Audi's styling and technology. Unique to the rest of the Marvel vehicles, it has a sound to it that production vehicles don't. In the movie, there's a scene where Stark drives past Captain America aggressively, and it sounds like it has a combustion engine. According to Audi, the sound wasn't added in editing but was deliberately designed by Audi for the scene.

Marvel Studios

Ant-Man's Ford Econoline

When Marvel announced Ant-Man, there was a feeling among fans that the barrel was being scraped for characters.

However, Marvel came up with an engaging movie that showcased Paul Rudd's charm and range. We first meet the 1972 Ford Econoline van in the first Ant-Man movie being used for heists, despite its pink, red, and tan body colors, making an ordinarily unmemorable vehicle something you would remember.

Later in the MCU, it becomes the main transport for a security consultant company before hauling around the technology that transports people to the Quantum Realm. In Avengers: Endgame, it joins the other Avengers vehicles and gets more screen time than the product placement cars as its portal abilities become a central piece of the movie's plot.

Marvel Studios

Cadillac Series 62

The first Captain America movie was set in the early 1940s and featured Tony Stark's father as a character.

He demonstrates technology we still don't have in one scene and uses a bright red 1941 Series 62 Touring Sedan. As his assistants remove the wheels from the classic car, it hovers in place. Captain America does a great job of period-correct cars in the movie if you're into that era of classics.

Marvel Studios

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