A Used McLaren 650S Is A Criminally Cheap Supercar

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So, should you buy one?

The 2020 McLaren 720S is, arguably, the perfect supercar. But of course, in McLaren's relentless pursuit to constantly outdo itself, the British carmaker has already released an even faster, more hardcore model called the 765LT. The ability to continually push the envelope has yielded some impressive results, but this hasn't come without a cost. Just take a look at used car values. The McLaren 650S, for example, is now less than half the price of its successor, the 720S.

2015 McLaren 650S Spider Front View McLaren
2015 McLaren 650S Spider Front Angle View McLaren
2015 McLaren 650S Spider Side View McLaren

Why You Should Buy One

The 720S is significantly more advanced than the 650S but it's not like the old car feels outdated. It still looks modern and in terms of speed, is more than capable of keeping up with brand-new supercars. So long as the car is less than 10 years old and has less than 75,000 miles on it, McLaren even offers an extended warranty, providing coverage for up to 12 years. It's nearly as easy as buying a new one.

Front View Driving McLaren
Front Angle View McLaren
Rear View Driving McLaren
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The Price

We found used examples of the McLaren 650S and the 650S Spider starting at around $125,000. These cars all have less than 20,000 miles on the clock, meaning they should easily fall under eligibility for McLaren's warranty. Even lower mileage cars with less than 5,000 miles on the clock can be purchased for less than $150,000. This is still a significant amount of money but compared to a brand-new 720S, which costs just under $300,000, the 650S is a bargain.

Badge McLaren
Brakes McLaren

The Performance

It may cost half as much as a 720S but you are getting way more than half the performance. The 650S is powered by a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 sending power to the rear wheels through a fast-shifting seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. This engine delivers 640 horsepower, which is not far off the 710-hp figure in the 720S. The 650S is still a rocket ship, with a 0-60 mph time of just three seconds and a top speed of 207 mph.

Engine McLaren

The Interior

Inside, the 650S feels more comfortable than most Italian supercars. It lacks the folding digital gauge cluster found in the 720S but it still houses a basic touchscreen in the center tunnel for infotainment duties. As with McLaren's current models, the 650S was highly customizable with different seats, seat materials, and trims. Most of the materials in the cabin feel upscale, easily matching the six-figure price tag.

2015 McLaren 650S Spider Dashboard McLaren

The Practicality

If you care, the 650S has a front trunk capable of housing 6.9 cubic feet of space. That should be large enough for a small weekend bag for you and a passenger. In terms of fuel economy, the 650S isn't atrocious compared to other vehicles with over 600 hp. The EPA rates it at 16 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on the highway but if you drive carefully, we bet you can beat that 22 mpg figure.

Trunk Space McLaren


McLaren continues to make supercars faster, more livable, and more reliable. But the 650S came at a nice sweet spot in the company's history where all of the bumps had been ironed out from the original 12C and McLaren's engineers were firing on all cylinders. Used 720S examples are starting to come down in price as well but none are even close to less than $150,000. We adore the 720S and would highly recommend one if you have the cash but if you want a bargain, the 650S is the way to go.

Rear View Driving McLaren

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2015 McLaren 650S Spider Front View
2015 McLaren 650S Spider Front Angle View
2015 McLaren 650S Spider Side View
Rear View Driving
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