Electric SUVs: Cadillac Lyriq Vs. Tesla Model Y

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Luxury versus capability.

After much fanfare and anticipation, the Cadillac Lyriq has been revealed ahead of schedule, and what a spectacular-looking thing it is. Cadillac's futuristically styled SUV is sure to turn heads everywhere it goes, and those on the inside of the EV can look forward to loads of tech and a stunning cabin too. But do you really need all that glitz when there's a tried and tested product in the Tesla Model Y? Furthermore, does that bling really count for anything when the Tesla offering is more powerful, goes further, and has more space? In this article, we'll stack the two electric SUVs against each other to see which is better.

2020-2021 Tesla Model Y Front View Tesla

Design: Daring or Drab?

Straight off the bat, it's blatantly obvious that Cadillac wanted to attract attention with the styling of the Lyriq. Tesla, on the other hand, seems to have less interest in style, with the Model Y's design being rather bland. Where the Lyriq looks wide and imposing, the Model Y looks skinny and too tall. The Lyriq also has a complex grille (an unnecessary feature) while the Model Y doesn't even try to hide the fact that there's no need for air intakes.

We will say, however, that the rear of the Model Y looks clean while the Lyriq's is just overly complicated. The Lyriq rides on 20-inch wheels as standard while the Model Y gets 19s, although each vehicle has the option of larger offerings. But no matter how long you look at either car, none of the Lyriq's awkward design flourishes are anything as bad as the dreary Model Y's.

2020-2021 Tesla Model Y Side View Driving Tesla
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Interiors: Glam or Bland?

Again, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that more time was spent on the Lyriq's cabin. A curved, 33-inch display handles infotainment and can emit over a billion different colors. This seems more than a little excessive and unnecessary, but the Model Y's simple 15-inch display is the only thing to look at in its cabin. The Lyriq also boasts Super Cruise, GM's answer to Tesla's Autopilot, as well as an AKG Studio 19-speaker sound system with headrest speakers. In the Tesla, you get a 14-speaker system with a subwoofer. The Lyriq is certainly the more attractive place to sit, and with active noise cancellation, should be more comfortable in daily life too. That said, the Model Y offers a total of 68 cubic feet of cargo volume (including the frunk) while the Lyriq has a maximum of 60.8 cubes.

Trunk Space Cadillac
2020-2021 Tesla Model Y Interior in White Tesla
2020-2021 Tesla Model Y Maximum Cargo Space Tesla

Power and Performance: Tesla Has The Upper Hand

Finding details on almost any Tesla product is a difficult exercise, but the off-menu Standard Range model offers up to 244 miles on a charge. Sure, that falls below the Lyriq's claim of "over 300 miles" but Tesla has Long Range and Performance variants, the former of which can go for up to 326 miles and the latter of which offers 480 horsepower. Compared to the Lyriq's 340 horses, the Tesla should be quicker. Actually, we're sure it will be. the Model Y weighs 4,416 pounds while the Lyriq tips the scales at over 5,600 lbs. Tesla wins this one, and comfortably.

Side View Cadillac
Rear Angle View Cadillac
2020-2021 Tesla Model Y Front View Tesla
2020-2021 Tesla Model Y Front View Tesla

Range and Charging: Leave It to the Experts

Cadillac says that the Lyriq's 100-kWh battery can be recharged on a 120V home outlet at a rate that will see you gain 3.5 miles of range every hour. Compare that to Tesla's claim that the Model Y will recharge from zero to 100 percent in almost two days. If you do the math, it would take the Lyriq more than three days to achieve the same feat. Fortunately, it can use a 190-kW DC fast charger too, which will offer 195 miles of range in half an hour. But that's not so impressive either. On a Tesla Supercharger, the Model Y can give you 158 miles of driving in just 15 minutes.

2020-2021 Tesla Model Y Dashboard Tesla
Instrument Cluster Cadillac
2020-2021 Tesla Model Y Interior Tesla

Pricing and Verdict: Luxury or Long Range?

We were quite happy to learn that, despite its concept car looks, the Lyriq will carry a base price of $59,990 before any options, rebates, or extra charges. Okay, that's not exactly cheap, but it's pretty damn good for a luxury SUV with 33 inches of screen space and looks that would make the average socialite stop Instagramming their food. But compared to the Tesla, it's quite hefty. With more performance, more cargo space, and better charging, the Model Y's 244-mile base model costs just under $40k. Opt for the Lyriq-beating Long Range model with a claimed 326-mile range, and you're still only going to see a base price of $52,990.

For value, the Tesla is the better option, but the Lyriq will still sell incredibly well because of its groundbreaking styling, better luxury features, and higher quality. As a complete, everyday package, the Lyriq is definitely the one to have - if you can afford it.

Front Angle View Cadillac
2020-2021 Tesla Model Y Side View Tesla

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