Everything You Need To Know About The Lucid Gravity SUV

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Tesla Model X, watch out.

The Lucid Air sedan is getting closer and closer to production. Just days ago, Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson took the Air for a spin on public roads, the first time that the EV appeared in the wild without camouflage. But besides this Model S competitor, Lucid is also working on a new electric SUV. After all, no automaker's lineup is complete without an SUV in it in 2021. First teased in September last year on the company's Twitter account, we now know more about this SUV - under the codename Project Gravity - which should compete with the Tesla Model X.


Styling: (Higher) Up In The Air

Earlier this month, leaked patent sketches confirmed that the Gravity will share much in common with the Air sedan, but it is likely to be a much larger, taller vehicle. The slim, wraparound taillight design has been carried over to the SUV, as has the smooth front end that lacks a traditional grille.

Our render artist's design gives us a clearer idea of what the Gravity will look like. This is a long, three-row vehicle that will be able to accommodate seven occupants. The Air's panoramic roof looks to be retained, but the Gravity has squarer wheel arches. Of course, being an SUV, there's more ground clearance to work with, implying that it will be quite a decent off-roader as well.

Front Angle View Lucid
Rear View Lucid

Performance And Range: Another Wickedly Quick EV

The quickest Model X can reach 60 mph in a startling 2.5 seconds, so the Gravity needs to seriously haul to get anywhere close to that. Sharing a platform with the Air sedan, the Gravity should also use the sedan's dual electric motors, which means that outputs will range from 480 to 1,080 horsepower. It will likely be a bit slower than the equivalent Air, so we'd estimate a 0-60 mph time of around three seconds for the most powerful, all-wheel-drive Gravity.

In terms of charging and range, the Gravity should be one of the best SUVs if the Air is anything to go buy. The sedan has a maximum 517-mile range and can add 300 miles of range in just 20 minutes when utilizing DC Fast Charging. The base Air is claimed to have a 406-mile range. Again, the heavier SUV's body will likely reduce that range slightly, but anything over 400 miles is excellent.

Top View Lucid
Sideward Vision Lucid

Interior: First-Class Luxury For Seven

The Lucid Air has a stunning interior that effortlessly blends luxury and technology, and the Gravity should build on this. We expect the SUV to have something similar to the Air's curved 34-inch display and touch controls replacing conventional buttons and knobs. The Air's drivetrain components free up space and it claims to have the biggest frunk in the world; this impressive space utilization will be even more important in the family-friendly, seven-seater Gravity. Those leaked patent sketches lead us to believe that the Gravity will have an especially airy cabin based on the nearly full-length glass roof that stretches all the way to the D-pillar.

We also expect to see Lucid's many driver-assist technologies such as DreamDrive. This system makes use of no less than 32 sensors, including cameras and radar, to enable semi-autonomous driving.

Rearward Vision Lucid
Rear Angle View Lucid

Verdict And Price: The New SUV King?

Lucid says that the Gravity will elevate the SUV as we know it "to a new level". It certainly has the goods to do this, but it will have to conquer everything from conventionally powered models like the new Cadillac Escalade to the electric Tesla Model X.

Pricing remains unknown, but we expect the Gravity to be slightly more expensive than the Air, which begins at $69,900 and goes all the way up to $131,500. The range-topping Gravity could, therefore, easily be a $150,000 SUV.

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Taillight Lucid

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