GMC Hummer EV Vs. Tesla Cybertruck Vs. Rivian R1T Vs. Bollinger B2: The All-Electric Truck Showdown

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Get ready for a whole new type of truck.

Not even a dozen years ago was there such a thing as an all-electric vehicle daily driver. The Nissan Leaf didn't arrive until 2010 and the Tesla Model S in 2012. Fast-forward to the present and things are very different. Every major automaker is racing to launch EVs in nearly all segments, including pickup trucks. In fact, the EV truck wars have officially gotten underway despite the fact these vehicles have not even hit the road yet. But they will very soon.

The latest entry is the just-revealed 2022 GMC Hummer. With 1,000 horsepower and 11,500 lb-ft of torque (that's not a typo), the reborn Hummer is an EV supertruck that will face of directly against the also upcoming Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian R1T, and Bollinger B2. All of these American-engineered and built battery-electric trucks bring their own unique flavors to battle, but which one ranks supreme?

Given that a majority of their vital specs are already available, it's time to have the first of many comparisons.



The most dynamic-looking of the foursome are the Hummer, Cybertruck, and B2. The Hummer, however, harkens back to the original H1 and Hummer fans should like what they see here. Those who don't may well prefer the R1T due to its far more conventional truck design. It's certainly less "in-your-face" and won't necessarily stand out from the rest of the pack. It offends no one. .And then there's the B2. Its rugged styling almost looks as if it was directly inspired by old-school Land Rovers with a purpose-built design.

The interiors of all four trucks are representative of their exterior designs. The Hummer's cabin takes advantage of its military origins and blends it with a futuristic look with a 13.4-inch touchscreen and 12.3-inch driver's gauge display. The Cybertruck's interior looks like something you'd find in a spaceship with all main controls located in one massive touchscreen. The R1T, meanwhile, is more conservative-looking, but certainly no less attractive. It has a 15.6-inch touchscreen display though the overall cabin layout is more in line with new vehicles in general. The B2's interior is heavily military-inspired and definitely doesn't have mass appeal.

2022 GMC Hummer Front View GMC 2021 Tesla Cybertruck Front Angle View Tesla Front View Driving Rivian Bollinger
2022 GMC Hummer Front View
2021 Tesla Cybertruck Front Angle View
Front View Driving

Notable Features

GMC has decades of truck-building experience and it shows. Its MultiPro Tailgate has six functional positions and its 4 Wheel Steer system with CrabWalk is utterly brilliant. We also dig the removable transparent Sky Panels that can be stored in the frunk when not in use. The Hummer also comes equipped with an adaptive air suspension.

Instead of a traditional bed, Tesla describes the Cybertruck's as a vault. Measuring 6.5-feet long and finished in stainless steel, there's a slide-out lamping ramp and there's no intrusion from the wheel wells. And despite a slight issue at its reveal, there are Armor Glass windows.

The R1T has its own cool tricks such as the Tank Turn and its gear tunnel cargo compartment that stretches the width of the vehicle underneath the floor of the bed and directly behind the cabin. This could easily be used as a built-in camping kitchen.

The B2's most defining feature is its frunkgate, enabling objects up to 16 feet long to pass directly through the center. There's also the fold-away rear wall that, once opened, extends the five-foot, nine-inch cargo bed by an additional two feet. We also dig its removable doors, windows, roof panels, and windshield.

Trunk Storage Rivian 2022 GMC Hummer Open Hood GMC Bollinger 2021 Tesla Cybertruck Side View Driving Tesla
Trunk Storage
2022 GMC Hummer Open Hood
2021 Tesla Cybertruck Side View Driving

Range, Power, And Performance

For this comparison, we're using figures from the top-trim of each truck. If you're looking for maximum range, the Cybertruck is for you with its EPA-estimated 500+ miles with the tri-motor setup. Tesla claims a 0-60 mph time of 2.9 seconds and an estimated 800 hp and 1,000 lb-ft.

The Hummer Edition 1 has around 1,000 hp and a staggering combined 11,500 lb-ft at the wheels. Again, the official range has not been announced but GMC estimates it at 350 miles.

The R1T has a 750 hp and 829 lb-ft rating and a claimed 400-mile range. Expect to go from 0-60 mph in about three seconds.

The B2 is equipped with dual electric motors for a combined 614 hp and 688 lb-ft. Zero to 60 happens in just 4.5 seconds although it'll deliver only 200 miles on a single charge.

2022 GMC Hummer Dashboard GMC 2021 Tesla Cybertruck Interior Overview Tesla Dashboard Rivian Bollinger
2022 GMC Hummer Dashboard
2021 Tesla Cybertruck Interior Overview

Payload, Towing, And Battery Size

Again, we're using figures from the top-of-the-line variants here and, unfortunately, none of this data has been released for the Hummer just yet. Still, it's important to compare what figures we do have.

The Cybertruck's towing capacity is rated at 14,000 pounds and payload is 3,500 pounds. Its battery size has yet to be announced though previous estimates pegged it around 250 kWh.

The R1T has up to a 180 kWh battery and an 11,000-pound maximum towing rating. The payload capacity is 1,760 pounds.

Bollinger says the B2 can tow up to 7,500 pounds and carry a payload up to 5,001 pounds, and it features a 120 kWh battery pack.

To put these truck's payload and towing capabilities into some greater perspective, the new 2021 Ford F-150 has a maximum payload capacity of 3,325 pounds when equipped with the naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8. Towing capability reaches up to 14,000 pounds when powered with the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6, though you'll also have to select two-wheel drive and the Max Trailer package.

2022 GMC Hummer Driving Back View GMC Rear Angle View Rivian Tesla Bollinger
2022 GMC Hummer Driving Back View
Rear Angle View

Pricing And Honorable Mentions

The 2022 GMC Hummer Edition 1 isn't cheap with its $112,595 price tag. In the coming few years, less expensive (though less powerful) models will become available. However, the cheapest Hummer will still set you back $79,995. The Rivian R1T starts at $69,000, though rumor has it that figure could drop somewhat. Still, its costs over $10k less than the cheapest Hummer. The Bollinger B2 also doesn't come cheap. Buyers are being asked to hand over $125,000 and to reserve one requires a $1,000 refundable deposit. But if you're looking for the cheapest of the bunch, the Cybertruck is the winner with its starting price of $39,990. Of course, that's for the single motor RWD variant. Still, a fully-loaded tri-motor AWD truck costs $69,900. Yes, the top-tier Cybertruck costs nearly the same as the base R1T and $10k less than the base Hummer.

We also want to add a few honorable mentions to this list, specifically the Lordstown Endurance and 2022 Ford F-150 EV. The Nikola Badger's future, at the moment, remains uncertain.

So, which of these trucks is best for you?

Lordstown Motors Nikola Ford 2022 GMC Hummer Driving Front Angle GMC 2021 Tesla Cybertruck Front Angle View Tesla
2022 GMC Hummer Driving Front Angle
2021 Tesla Cybertruck Front Angle View

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