Here's Why The Dodge Viper Was One Of The Most Unique Cars In The World

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It turns out that there were a ton of options that made the Viper stand out.

Avid CarBuzz readers have probably heard us talk about paint-to-sample, which is one of our favorite options to be offered on a new car. Custom paint jobs are typically reserved for high dollar German cars like Porsche and BMW. In fact, we recently found 10 Audi models that were for sale with custom paint colors. Custom paint isn't just a German car thing, however. In fact, Dodge offered up to 8,000 different color hues on its Viper sport car. We've managed to dig up five of the most unique Viper models that are currently for sale.

With 8,000 color options, there are bound to be many that are extremely rare. This unique Viper was one of the many "special edition" models called the Advanced Aero Solid Edition. Dodge built 14 Advanced Aero Solid Edition Viper models, and this one is number 14. The car is painted in Metallic Pink, which Dodge internally refers to as P99 Custom Color. This pink Viper is one of only two in existence. The other is an ACR model that was sold by the same dealership in North Carolina, Gerry Wood Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM. The asking price for this pink Viper is $155,800 with only 2,000 miles on the odometer.

The next car on our list is a 2016 Viper TA, which stands for Time Attack. This car was ordered with a wealth of options including the $8700 Time Attack 2.0 Package, $5,900 Ceramic Blue interior package, $5,300 GTS paint stripes, and $2,000 custom paint. That $2,000 paint job is called Highlight Yellow, and it is certainly the brightest color we have ever seen on a Viper. The car is currently for sale for $121,991 with just 1,500 miles on the odometer at Palmer Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram in Georgia.

When we were searching for used Viper models, we noticed that most of the cheapest examples were painted in white. The Viper was such an exciting car, and a boring color like white didn't really fit that character of the car, unless of course it was optioned with stripes. Many of the ACR Viper modes came with black and red stripes, but this one decided to swap out the black for blue. We love the patriotic look of this all-American Viper ACR. The car is currently for sale for $164,999 with just 220 miles on the odometer. We think that the ACR is a future collector car, so we would head over to Net Car Showroom in Texas to scoop this one up.

This baby blue Viper is currently being sold by a private seller, so we know the least about it. We know that it is a Viper TA with a very bright shade of baby blue that is very rare to see on a Dodge. The Viper is such a badass car that it can still be cool even with a more feminine color like this blue or the pink we showed earlier.

This final Viper made our list for a very different reason. Even though this car wears ACR stripes, it is based on a GTC. As you may have noticed, the C in GTC now stands for convertible. This 2017 Viper was purchased by the owner of Bob and Chuck Eddy Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat in Ohio, who spent $61,000 turning it into a convertible. The final generation of Viper, known as the Phase VX, never came as a convertible from the factory. That means that this could be one of the only ones on the planet. The dealer has it priced at a whopping $279,999, mostly because they'd rather hang onto it than let it go.

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