How Much Do People Pay For Gas Around The World?

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A liter of gas in one country can cost the same to fill a tank in another.

Will there come a time when cars will run on water or air, or when taking your car to the gas station will become a distant memory? With the rise of EVs and autonomous cars, it's not inconceivable to imagine battery-powered cars whisking you around town, charging themselves out of your sight. But for now, the majority of us are stuck with cars powered by combustion engines that require sweet, sweet gasoline to keep them going. How much you spend on gas varies considerably from country to country, and even within the US, the discrepancy can be significant.

So, where is the most expensive place in the world for gas, and where does it cost less than water? Should people with thirsty rides consider moving to another part of the US in order to save some dollars at the pump? Check out the following infographic and decide for yourself.

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