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For when lowering a car just isn't enough.

There are a few significant advantages available from widening a car. There's plenty of geometry and math involved, but people extending the width of a vehicle are usually looking to increase grip and alter handling characteristics. By increasing the width of the wheels and tires, you can put more rubber on the road and improve grip. On top of that, extending the track of a vehicle also lowers the roll center and can reduce the load transfer to the outside wheel when cornering.

Having tires poking out from under the fenders is a safety issue on the road and can be a subject of rules on the track. However, a widebody kit fixes that and can also bring extra benefits to the car's aerodynamics as well as look cool. These are some of the more extreme and well-put-together examples we've seen over the years.


Porsche 911 Carrera 4S RSR Widebody

This Porsche is a one-off creation that was put together using a Carrera 4S with R.S.R. front bumper and fenders for the baseline. The rocker panels, rear fender flares, and rear bumper are by A.I.R., while the throwback rear ducktail spoiler is a purely custom creation. The new body kit was built to house wider wheels and tires and finished in Porsche Fashion Grey Basf Glasurit Paint. Taste is subjective, but we think this is one of the best widebody conversions of a modern Porsche we've seen.

The Hundreds The Hundreds The Hundreds The Hundreds

Liberty Walk Ferrari 458

Liberty Walk is a love or hate affair and tends to be more about the aesthetic than performance. This Ferrari 458 conversion is the first Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 widebody bolted together in the US, and was signed by Wataru Kato, the company's founder. The naturally aspirated Ferrari 4.7-liter V8 now puts down 585 hp instead of the factory's 562 hp and rides upon a set of ADV1 three-piece wheels called "Circle of Trust." It also sits on ACCUAIR air suspension, hence the impractical ride height and camber when stationary.

BJ Motors BJ Motors BJ Motors BJ Motors

Supervettes C6 Corvette GT6X Extreme Widebody

Supervettes is a company based out of Florida that has a range of widebody kits and performance modifications specifically for Corvette enthusiasts. For the GT6X package, the front fenders and rear quarters extend the C6 Corvette by 2.5 inches each side, and the kit includes everything from a new hood to a new spoiler and custom vents. For an extra chunk of cash, the tuner will make the widebody kit in carbon fiber, and you can have the kit fitted in-house along with a supercharger, new suspension, brakes, exhaust, or even an audio system.

Supervettes Supervettes Supervettes Supervettes

1016 Industries Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini's SUV is already fast, can go round corners phenomenally well, and has an aggressive look to it. That's not enough for some people, though, and, if they have the money, they can have 1016 Industries crank the Urus all the way to 11, upping the horsepower from 641 to 840 hp and adding 100 millimeters of width to the rear of the SUV and 87 millimeters at the front. The widebody kit costs $45,000 on its own, but a Stage 2 1016 Industries Lamborghini Urus, including the SUV, power upgrade, and widebody kit, costs $350,000 in total.

1016 Industries 1016 Industries 1016 Industries 1016 Industries

Novitec Ferrari 812 N-Largo

Novitec has a storied history of doing insane things with supercars, and the N-Lago is no different. It's a Ferrari 812 widened by 5.5-inches at the rear and 2.8 inches wider at the front. The all-new fenders come with a wider front bumper, new air vents, and a new rear wing and 22-inch and 21-inch lightweight forged wheels front and rear, respectively. Novitec couldn't leave things there, though, and the N-Largo also includes new springs lowering the car by 1.37 inches along with a hydraulic lift system. Ferrari's naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 has also been tweaked, lifting it from 789 to 829 hp and taking torque from 530 lb-ft to 554 lb-ft.

Novitec Novitec Novitec

560 SEC AMG 6.0 Widebody

Once upon a time, AMG was an independent company that partnered with Mercedes. At the tail end of the 1980s, the partnership created this incredible widebodied machine. Only 50 of the outrageous 1989 560 SEC AMG 6.0 widebody cars were built, and it wasn't all show. Under the hood, AMG bored out the naturally aspirated 5.6-liter V8 to 6.0 liters and wound up the output to 380 hp and 410 lb-ft of torque. On the inside are fully electronic adjustable Recaro racing seats, an AMG steering wheel, chrome door sills, and extra walnut trim.

Auto Leitner Auto Leitner Auto Leitner Auto Leitner

Prior Design McLaren 720S

If the McLaren 720S looks a little tame for you, Prior Design has something unique on offer. Those massive fender flares are all made of carbon-fiber, the vented front hood is all-new, and the crazy diffuser will ensure the need for front end lift system and careful car park entry and exit tactics. The touch we like most is the massive yet underplayed rear wing compared with the gnarly front diffuser. We don't know how much it costs but rest assured it will have a very silly price tag.

Prior Design Prior Design Prior Design Prior Design

HKS Toyota Supra

HKS has a history stretching back to the start of drift culture in Japan in 1973. It's HKS's US division that is responsible for this monstrosity of a (claimed to be) road-legal time attack monster, though. It stretches the width of the stock Supra by 8 inches, and, on the back, HKS has added a custom duck spoiler as well as a ginormous wing. It's so cartoonishly beautiful that there are even fender-mounted spoilers on the back.


Pogea Fiat 500 Abarth "Ares"

Hardly a screw on the Fiat 500 Abarth has been left alone on the five widebody Ares models Pogea Racing has built. The 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder now makes 405 hp and 328 pound-feet of torque and hits 62 mph in a scant 4.1 seconds. It also sits on KW Clubsport suspension and uses six-piston brake calipers, but the highlight here is the carbon fiber widebody kit, which is available to buy separately. The bumpers, fenders, hood, and roof spoiler are replaced and give the little 500 Abarth an extra 1.9 inches of width.

Pogea Racing Pogea Racing Pogea Racing Pogea Racing

Artisan Spirit Black Label GT Lexus LC 500

Lexus's LC 500 is an athletic and stylish grand tourer, so giving it an aggressive widebody design isn't the first thing that naturally springs to mind. However, the Tokyo-based tuner has managed to create something that looks deadly without going over the top. The new bodywork is made using carbon-reinforced plastic, and Artisan Spirit will also add a KW suspension kit and Brembo brakes for added performance. For customers wanting to hit the track with their LC 500, there's also a roll cage and Sparco race seats available.

Artisan Spirit Artisan Spirit Artisan Spirit

FAB Design Mercedes-Benz SLS Gullstream Coupe

This car will undoubtedly split opinions. FAB Design operates out of Switzerland and put a lot of time and effort into its widebody take on the Mercedes SLS to give it a more muscular look. The seamlessly widened fenders are the highlight, as they flow into the side skirts and side-vented front and rear bumpers. We would leave off the non-functional air scoop but keep the 12 and 10-inch concave Evolution wheels and the Koni suspension kit that's based on equipment from the SLS GT3 racing car.

FAB Design FAB Design FAB Design FAB Design

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