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Known for their lack of style and class, these are the cars rich athletes in Europe buy.

Football (the game played with your feet) is the largest sport in the world and when it comes to overpaid athletes, there's no better example. When young people are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a week as they are in the top flight of the UK's Premier League, that means there's going to be flashy cars involved.

Those that remember Top Gear's 'Cool Wall' from back in the TV show's heyday may specifically recall that cars being owned by footballers were automatically disqualified from being cool. Since then and the advent of Instagram, there's a solid argument to suggest that's even truer today Rarely do footballers buy flashy cars because they love cars. It's typically because they show off their wealth and on top of that, in a lot of cases, expensive cars come with luxury trappings that can be appreciated in the early hours of a cold British winter on the way to a training session. So, what are the most popular cars of modern footballers and their Instagram accounts?

Lamborghini Aventador

It doesn't get more ostentatious and flashy than a Lamborghini. The most famous footballer in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer in the Premier League but drives one, which in our book makes it uncool straight away. Arsenal's Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Samir Nasri own one, as does Manchester City's high scoring striker Sergio Aguero and the club's expensive but tasteless goalkeeper, Ederson. One of Liverpool's triad of pinpoint strikers, Mohamed Salah, also owns an Aventador. However, once you see the picture of Ederson and his girlfriend with his, there's no coming back for the Aventador.

Mercedes G-Class

It would be hard to claim the G-Wagen has truly been cool for a few decades now. Its excellently engineered utilitarian nature and insane off-roading ability have long been out-shadowed by its price. As a result, it's pretty much now just a piece of engineering jewelry in the vein of a $100,000 Richard Mille Automatic Chronograph Diver's watch. Manchester City teammates Raheem Stirling and Kevin De Bruyne both own one each, as does Manchester's Andreas Pereira and Arsenal's Mesut Ozil.

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The 488 is another car that instantly becomes uncool due to Ronaldo, although it was a 599 GTB he wrecked. The brutally fast 660-horsepower Italian Stallion is also driven by. Manchester City's goalkeeper Edison, and that pretty much makes it the Ferrari 488 one to avoid. Alexandre Lacazette who moved from France to play for Arenal last season drives a 458. Former Chelsea and England defender John Terry is Ferrari man and owns a 458 amongst others, but hidden away in his collection is also an Enzo and a 1966 275 GTB.

Audi R8

If being driven by Arsenal's Theo Walcott and masterless samurai Steven Ireland isn't enough to render the R8 uncool, Brazilian superstar Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior also drives one. Neymar is up there as one of the biggest names in football and if you watched the 2018 World Cup, you may remember him as the player that spent an incredible 14 minutes rolling around on the floor 'hurt'. However, a non-white painted Audi R8 is still cool.

Mercedes-AMG S63

For two of the fastest right back players in the Premier League, it seems fitting they would choose the luxuriant but brutally quick S63 AMG. Hector Bellarin plays for Arsenal, while Trent Alexander-Arnold left a heavy mark during his first major season with Liverpool's first team as they went neck and neck down to the wire with Manchester City in a race for the title. Veteran German attacking midfielder for Arsenal, Mesut Ozil, favors the Mercedes brand in a big way and that also includes the S63 AMG.

Lamborghini Urus

From the moment we knew Lamborghini was going ahead with an SUV, we also knew it would be a staple of Premier League training grounds and the utterly classless. The first one sighted was, amazingly, being parked in a disabled parking spot by Everton goalkeeper, Jordan Pickford. England striker Jamie Vardy reportedly lost his £40,000 deposit on a Urus when the dealer he ordered it from disappeared and Lamborghini told him they hadn't received any funds from the firm. The drama resulted in police and lawyers getting involved.

Bentley GT

Like a Range Rover, a Bentley is another staple of the training grounds. Manchester United's Alexis Sanchez has a Bentley GT in his garage, while his teammate Romelu Lukaku owns a horrific looking one similar to the Rolls Royce pictured later.

Bentley Bentayga

If Range Rovers and Bentleys are predominant in the Premier League, it was inevitable the opulent Bentayga SUV would be a hit. Flashy owners include Manchester City's speed demon Raheem Stirling for when he wants to slow down a little, and Manchester United's speedy England midfielder Jesse Lingard.

Range Rover

Range Rovers have been the regular fixture at the training grounds of football's elite for decades. Favoring the Vogue is current Manchester United player Antonio Valencia and now former United and England national team star, Wayne Rooney. Tottenham Hotspur's defensive specialist and current England star Eric Dier also drives himself around in comfort in a Vogue. Manchester City's Kevin De Bruyne also likes a Range Rover and Pop culture royalty of the last decade, David and Victoria Beckham, were also famous for preferring Range Rovers.

The fastest Range Rover model seems to be a big favorite for Manchester United players with Jesse Lingard, Luke Shaw, and Phil Jones driving SVR models.


Rolls-Royce cars have been a go-to for freshly minted footballers since players started making big money in the 1970s and 1980s. There's been a big revival lately with the Wraith and Phantom, kickstarted by Manchester City's Argentinian brick wall of a defender, Nicolas Otamendi. Manchester United's striker Romelu Lukaku has had his customized, and the list of football's high Rollers includes Manchester United's Instagram star Paul Pogba, and Liverpool's injury prone Daniel Sturridge.

The Cullinan will no doubt be a big hit with footballers. Ronaldo, of course, already has one and so does Crystal Palace and French national team player Mamadou Sakho.

Retired football legends that preceded the Premier League that drove Rollers to practice include Kevin Keegan, George Best, and Bobby Moore.

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