The 10 Cities In America With The Worst Traffic

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Consider moving if you live in any of these cities.

Driving can be one of the most pleasurable things you can do. With the right car, on the right road, it can be an intoxicating experience. But on the wrong road, it can be hell on earth. The US may not be the most congested country on the planet, but for those lucky enough to live here it can certainly feel like it at times. We collated data to ascertain which are the most congested cities in America, and the results have been beautifully represented in the following set of images.


As you can see from the top ten list, at the time of writing, Chicago is the most congested city in the US, with inhabitants here spending some 70 hours per year stuck in traffic, costing them some $1,738. Washington, LA, Houston and San Francisco make up the rest of the top five.

Our research also threw up some interesting stats regarding the average commute. It appears that the average American will take 33 minutes to travel 12.8 miles on their commute. While that doesn't sound terrible, bear in mind this is just an average, with some people spending almost triple that time to cover the same distance. Traffic has also been the cause of canceled trips and billions of gallons of burned gas.

If you think it's bad in the US, then we don't don't even make it onto the list of ten worst commuter cities in the world. Our neighbors down in Mexico have the honor of leading that particular group with Mexico City deemed the most painful city on the planet in which to drive.

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