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Best Armored Vehicles Money Can Buy

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From inconspicuous daily drivers to war zone runabouts, there's something for everyone.

With over 100,000 reported to be on the roads, armored transport is big business and a lucrative one at that. But, whether it's something inconspicuous to fit your lifestyle and help you survive an attack from the possibility of small arms fire or something that needs to remain intact in the most dangerous hotspots in the world, somebody makes something fit for purpose. Some are even capable of quickly quelling a small uprising or invading a small country if equipped properly.

Conquest Knight XV

Conquest Vehicles is a Canadian company that wants to keep its customers both safe and very comfortable. The Knight XV is a purpose-built armored vehicle based on the Ford F-550 truck powered by an 8.8-liter bio-fueled V10 for the ecologically minded warlord. The armor is designed to withstand a rocket-propelled grenade attack while you sit in luxurious leather seating enjoying all the mod-cons of a small apartment.

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Paramount Group Marauder

The Paramount Group is ultra-serious about protecting their customers. The Marauder will carry its subject along with a total of ten fully equipped "bodyguards" split between the front and rear compartments, which are in turn protected from blasts from underneath by Paramount's "anti-blast seats." The double-skinned hull is designed to resist the blast of 18 pounds of TNT. It'll be hard to stop as well with the wheels being able to withstand a 31-pound dynamite blast by themselves. The Marauder is perfect for those that need to go right through the middle of a war zone.


If you visit BMW's special sales website, you'll find an X5 Security model offering 3 levels of security as well as a 7-Series option. According to BMW, it's the first vehicle "specifically designed to protect against the world's most widely used firearm, the AK-47" which is actually a bit weird, because the AK-47 was designed to fire a very common round and is no more or less deadly than any other common semi-auto or fully automatic rifle. Still, an armored BMW is perfect for the young executive climbing the corporate ladder using no holds barred cynical tactics.

Terradyne Ghurka

Canada's Terradyne Ghurka is designed to be easy to maintain while providing all the features law-enforcement could need. It runs on a torque-heavy 6.7-liter turbo-diesel V8 and comes with an array of options and standard features that include run-flat tires, an integrated winch, mesh-protected windows, a thermal imaging camera, a configurable interior, and a fire suppression system for the engine bay, wheels, and interior. Perfect for no-nonsense law-enforcement agencies when everything has gone wrong.

Inkas Huran

INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing is another Canada based company that builds this go-anywhere-do-anything armored beast. The Huran uses "revolutionary lightweight armor" to protect up to 16 occupants and features individual gun ports running along both sides of the vehicle. It's so well equipped and ready for action that there's a system that alerts the driver if a tire is pierced and a built in compressor will do its best to re-inflate it. There's also the option for a customizable roof-mounted gun turret.

According to Inkas, the Huran is for "police and military tactical missions, convoy protection, and border control all over the world." So, perfect for people that may need to return fire.

Dartz Black Shark

Dartz is a Latvian company well known for making insanely expensive armored vehicles that are lavishly decked out inside while being incredibly hard to destroy. According to Dartz website, the Black Shark is "designed for Russian Federation's leaders and inspired by powerful Black Shark military helicopter" and has security features such as an anti-paparazzi shock-device on the door handles, a Kevlar-Titanium body in order to counter magnetic mines, and a rotating bulletproof grill. Perfect for the kind of Russian oligarch that wouldn't be seen dead without a rotating bulletproof grill?

Armormax Dodge Charger Hellcat

Operating out of Utah, Armormax will armor up any car you choose from its inventory, including the Charger Hellcat. Its take on Dodge's 707-horsepower monster comes with a bull bar, run-flat tires, and lightweight armoring that will fend off rounds from just about anything up to and including a high-powered sniper rifle. The protection extends to the doors, roof, pillars, and floor of the car as well as there being specific protection for the battery, radiator, fuel tank, and ECU in order to avoid any nasty surprises.

Armormax doesn't flat out say that this is aimed at law enforcement on their website, but it's clear who it's aimed for. Any which way, it's not something you want to see in the rearview mirror coming up hard behind you.

Range Rover Sentinel

An armored vehicle doesn't necessarily have to be custom built. Range Rover's Special Operations division developed the Range Rover Sentinel based on the Autobiography model to withstand a hail of incendiary and armor-piercing bullets as well as DM51 grenades. The design is built around a 6-piece armored passenger cell made of high-strength steel and features laminated privacy glass, run-flat tires, a self-sealing fuel tank, a tamper-proof exhaust system, as well as a backup battery.

All of that comes with the luxury of an Autobiography model and Range Rover's legendary off-road ability. Perfect for the rich medium-risk target on the go.

Texas Armoring Chevrolet Camaro

Texas Armoring Corporation will happily armor-up anything you bring them, including a bright yellow Camaro. Pricing reportedly starts at $170,000 and one of the options the Texas company offers is a smoke screen option. Perfect for the drug dealer that needs to get away from a deal gone bad.

We joke, but Texas Armoring Corporation is super-serious about what they do and builds everything from SWAT vehicles to armored limos.

Alpha Armoring Toyota Land Cruiser

Slightly more sane and practical than Dartz, Alpha Armoring has been around a long time and has a reputation for quality. Its Toyota Land Cruiser models are designed to be as resilient as the Land Cruiser itself and will protect its occupants against close-range gunfire. They also have a range of over 370 miles, so you don't have to stop anywhere you really would rather not. Perfect for keeping a low profile in dangerous cities that can't be avoided.