The Lamborghini Revuelto Finally Gets An Interior Worthy Of A Halo Lambo

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Better integrated screens, OTA Updates, and a much-improved user interface.

The Lamborghini Revuelto is here, and along with its one-of-a-kind hybrid V12 drivetrain comes a new, luxurious interior with infotainment and user interface (UI) upgrades that completely change the driver's experience compared to the Aventador.

Gone is the outdated, Audi-borrowed setup found in the Aventador, and in its place is a brand-new version of the brand's Human Machine Interface on a wholly transformed three-screen configuration.

It's no secret that Lamborghini was lagging in the infotainment department these past few years. The company put all of its focus on performance, leaving a rather basic two-screen setup for the instrument cluster and central display. The old UI offered things like Apple Carplay and Android Auto, Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, and text-to-speech functionality. Still, most of those can be found standard on a Honda Civic, let alone a $500,000 supercar.

It seems Lamborghini agreed and decided to treat the Revuelto to a massive upgrade.

Lamborghini Lamborghini

Three-Display Setup With Gesture Controls

The most noticeable update is the all-new, three-screen setup with a 12.3-inch instrument cluster, an 8.4-inch central display, and an additional 9.1-inch display on the passenger side.

The system looks very different from the old one, with 3D graphics, animations, widgets, and styling. The most exciting part of the system is that it runs off a technological "brain," as Lamborghini calls it, which means that all three displays are connected, allowing coherent interaction across them all. The future of interiors does appear to be based around screens and lots of them.

This means better interior customization and personalization, never before seen on a Lamborghini model. The system also features gesture controls that change depending on the direction and number of fingers utilized.

Lamborghini Lamborghini

If the driver is choosing between features on one of the lower screens, a simple two-finger swipe can send the information seamlessly to the instrument cluster. A single-finger swipe can be used to assign a particular feature as a favorite, making it easier to access.

Lamborghini says the system will also allow the driver and passenger to send information and applications to one another, just like smartphones.

As one may imagine, the result of adding three screens is a lack of physical buttons. Now owners have to wade through a myriad of folders and applications. Lamborghini says that this allows drivers to rid themselves of "distractions" and focus completely on driving.

We're inclined to disagree? Hopefully, Lamborghini learned from Volkswagen's mistakes, even though the parent company has since said that it's moving back to physical buttons.

Lamborghini Lamborghini

New Navigation And Alexa

The navigation system is entirely new, now using real-time maps that can be downloaded in the blink of an eye, thanks to the routes being hosted on online servers. The new navigation will also incorporate real-time traffic information, weather, and other useful features like points of interest such as parking locations, gas stations, and charging stations.

One of the best parts is the integration of What3Words functionality into the navigation. Already available on the Huracan, it allows drivers to navigate to any point in the world regardless of the existence of an actual address by assigning a three-letter phrase to each three-meter space.

This system can be accessed thanks to the new Amazon Alexa integration that allows climate, navigation, and certain media to be controlled by just uttering a few words. This system can also be integrated into the general at-home Alexa functions, making us wonder if you'll eventually be able to tell Alexa to get the car warmed up from the comfort of your living room.

Lamborghini Lamborghini

OTA Updates And Driver Applications

Unsurprisingly, the new supercar benefits from Over-the-Air updates. It also has a selection of new driver applications to increase the driving experience and make living with the vehicle much more enjoyable.

The car will be updated regularly, allowing the driver to enjoy consistent new content for the touch screens and potentially for other systems like charging capability and even fine-tuning drive modes that can make the most of the new hybrid engine's long overdue eight-speed DCT gearbox.

In-car entertainment has also increased to match the new updated speaker system. The car now benefits from SiriusXM 360L functionality, which significantly increases the useability and power of the basic Sirius XM system with better access to shows, sports Pandora, and more.

Sirius will be one of the growing numbers of applications that will utilize the interconnected screens and allow the owner to customize their driving experience. We assume most of them will enable the driver to better connect with the driving experience, but we wonder how broad the company is willing to go with applications. Do you need access to a streaming service in your Lambo? Surely driving it is more fun.

These screens and tech lead to a truly modern interior that matches the massive overhauls found elsewhere in the Revuelto.

Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini

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