The Least And Most Stolen Cars In the USA

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If you live in California and drive a white Escalade, wight we suggest you invest in The Club.

Would knowing the numbers behind car thefts in the USA affect your car buying decision? Probably not, but it's still interesting to see which cars are favored among the car stealing community. To that end, we put together this nifty little infographic, detailing the most and least stolen vehicles in America. If that wasn't enough we also looked into which cities and states had the most and least vehicle thefts, and even which colors were the most desirable by the grand theft auto crew.

The results will be an eye-opener for anyone that has never given this any thought. But we hope that if you live in California and have your heart set on a white Cadillac Escalade, the information you discover below doesn't put you off. Just make sure not to go cheap when it comes to insurance.

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