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The garage that holds your collection is as important what's in it.

For most of us, a garage is a practical space. Room for a car or two or three, maybe a couple of bikes, a tool chest, probably some garden tools, and most likely a water heater. For those with serious lumps of cash to spare, it's also a showroom to store valuable cars and keep them maintained and detailed. Of course, for the seriously rich and famous full-on car enthusiast with real cash, they're going to do something that shows how much of a part of their life cars and driving are. These are a few of those very special examples we've come across.

2 Bedrooms, 1 Kitchen, 16 Cars

When this house was built, you know somebody had their priorities in order. This 16 car garage has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a gym attached to it and is partitioned by a sliding glass wall. The garage itself has a vaulted ceiling and has two access points to get in and out, one of which is a conveniently car-sized hydraulic lift.

Tokyo Floating Room

There's not a lot of space in Tokyo, but if you're rich you can use every trick in the book to maximize your space and, more importantly, store your cars. In this case, there's an elevator to lift whichever car the owner chooses out of the garage underneath and display in the living area.

Glass Showcase Garage

Mulholland Drive is the perfect place for a car enthusiast, and Jack Corwin, president of Huntington Holdings, has the perfect house with the perfect garage. Corwin is quoted as saying, "The only reason to leave is to have some fun sliding through Mulholland's turns," and he certainly has the cars for it. He obviously loves his supercars, and we can see what looks suspiciously like a Gulf Ford GT there.

Garage and Guest House

DesRosiers Architects were commissioned to build this addition for a client. It's a stand-alone garage to house a car collection that includes a Bugatti Veyron, a Maserati MC12, a Ferrari F430 Spyder, and a Ford GT. However, it also has to function as a space to host parties and somewhere to house out of town guests. So, the mahogany wall system hides storage cabinets, the showroom floor is made of porcelain, underground is a detailing room and above is a penthouse suite. All of this is tied together by a hidden elevator.

The Garage Furnishers Garage

What kind of garage does the owner of a garage design company called VAULT own? For a start, one attached to a house recognized by the National Association of Home Builders as the best custom built home in America in 2010. The house wouldn't look out of place in the Italian countryside, and the garage carries that theme on as a "car barn," complete with sections complete with logos on the wall for different brands.

LA Authenticity

Deep in Los Angeles artist territory is a garage filled exclusively with Porsches and owned by an Englishman that built his fortune from nothing in America and now lives his dream. Magnus Walker is a pure Porsche enthusiast and views them from as much a perspective of art as driving joy. His garage is a no-nonsense old warehouse and studio decorated with vintage posters and memorabilia.


The Movie Garage

Speaking of VAULT, the garage design company partnered with HomeTronics to build this drive-in projector movie theater in Dallas, Texas. For us, every night would be movie night after making some popcorn and jumping in the Ferrari to watch something half as exciting as actually driving one.

Garage With A View

When Maserati and Architectural Digest came up with a contest to design a garage, someone obviously got their inspiration from the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off. As long as nobody actually gets it into their head they can reverse the mileage on a Ferrari, then this is a fantastic way to house a Ferrari.

The Car Library

If you've ever wanted a garage featuring porcelain floors with cherry walls, tool cabinets, and library shelves with a rolling cherry ladder, then someone has beaten you to it. This has a full climate control system as well as heated floors and a lighting system designed to replicate daylight for detailing and a softer setting to showcase the 11 cars it can store. Above the garage is what Taylor and Associates Architects describe as a "man cave", and what we would describe as "our new home."

Automotive Escape

When this Colorado resident wanted a display garage, he dropped all the cash on something only an obsessive car enthusiast would want. It's effectively an automated gallery controlled by a single system built for a two-story building. The top level is a showcase walled with glass so the owner can view his collection from his main house.

The underground area holds up to ten cars and has all the amenities of a house, and has a lift to push the car he wants to be displayed above ground. There's even an HVAC system capable of scrubbing the air so the owner can safely run the engine of one of his cars.

Single Dream Car Dream Garage

Jack Olsen's 20'x22' garage houses just one car, and that's the one car to do it all. If you've not met Black Beauty before, its Olsen's long term project 1972 911 that he learned to maintain, and then modified into something that can be quickly converted to destroy a track, a back road, or behave while he slips out to go get the groceries. Like his 911, Olsen built the garage himself to make it, simple and functional.

More Garage Than House

Somewhere in Florida, Natalie Adams turned a warehouse into a garage to house her Japanese car collection. It took her five years to find the perfect space to combine her living quarters and passion for collecting JDM cars. She estimates it's 60% garage, but is still considering making the kitchen smaller so she can fit more cars in. Does it get more hardcore than opening your bedroom door to find one of your cars waiting to go?

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