These Are The Ultimate Gifts For Car Lovers In 2021

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Get them early this year to avoid any delays!

Finding the perfect gift for an automotive enthusiasts is tricky. Unless you plan to shell out some big bucks to get them a new (or even certified-used) vehicle, car lovers are notoriously tricky to buy for. That's why we've compiled a list of automotive-themed ideas, ranging from affordable stocking stuffers to extravagant dream gifts. This year's list has items ranging from just $16 up to over $280,000.

If you're looking for even more gift ideas, be sure to check out our previous lists from 2020 and from 2019, as they still have some great ideas.

McLaren Gifts ($20-$300)

Have a young car lover in your life? McLaren has several amazing gifts this year, many of which are reasonably priced. For an affordable stocking stuffer, you can get the 263-piece LEGO McLaren Elva for just $19.99. As an upgrade for an older, more experienced car-lover, the company also sells 830-piece LEGO Technic sets of the Senna GTR and Elva for $49.99.

If you're willing to spend a bit more and have a younger child on your shopping list, McLaren introduced a new ride-on car based on its GT model. This is the fourth ride-on model from McLaren, designed for children ages three to six. The GT Ride-On comes with a working key to trigger V8 sounds, a working accelerator, and brake pedal that triggers brake lights. You can even option an MP4 display screen for music. Prices range from around $220 to $313.

Finally, adult McLaren fans will enjoy the company's clothing line from premium sportswear brand Castore. Items include vests, shorts, and tees starting at $28, made using performance fabrics.

McLaren McLaren McLaren McLaren

Aston Martin Gifts ($36-$240)

Fans of the Aston Martin brand will find a lot to love in the UK automaker's 2021 Christmas Gift Guide. Don't worry, not everything from Aston costs as much as one of the company's sports cars. This year's list includes clothes such as t-shirts ($52), pins ($67), and notebooks ($30) from the 007 X Aston Martin Collection, jackets ($240), polos ($87), and tees ($67) from the Aston Martin Cognizant F1 2021 Official Collection, or retro apparel from the Aston Martin Heritage Collection. These three collections offer items for children and adults, but if your kids would prefer a cool toy rather than a new jacket, Aston has plenty of other options.

Older kids will love the Aston Martin scale models, which come in 1:18 or 1:43 scale. The smaller models cost $87, while the larger ones are $195. Aston offers its full range of cars, including the DB11, DBS, DBX, and Vantage, plus a range of James Bond model cars starting at only $36. For younger Bond fans, Aston recently released a new DB5 Goldfinger Edition from PLAYMOBIL (pictured below). The toy set ($93) includes four character figures (Bond, Goldfinger, Oddjob, and a henchman), plus a DB5 with working gadgets from Q, such as the famous ejector seat.

Aston Martin Aston Martin Aston Martin Aston Martin

LEGO Kits ($28-$179.99)

Though we mentioned LEGO elsewhere on this list, the famous toy brand has many car-themed sets available this year, and thus deserves its own section. In 2021, the most exciting new addition is the LEGO Technic Batmobile from the upcoming The Batman film, starting Robert Pattinson. The 1,360-piece Batmobile is now available for $99.99. Not a Batman fan? LEGO also has an F-150 Raptor Technic set, or a classic Volkswagen Bus for $179.99, and the Speed Champions series including a Koenigsegg Jesko ($28), classic/modern Chevy Corvette ($55.50), Ford Bronco and GT ($70), and more.

Lego Lego Lego Lego

Coffee Table Books ($35-$75)

Who doesn't love a good coffee table book? And there are some great ones this year. In past lists, we've covered books about the Corvette and GTO, but this year we are focusing on European cars. CarBuzz currently has BMW M: 50 Years of the Ultimate Driving Machines by Tony Lewin and Porsche at Le Mans by Glen Smale sitting on the coffee table at home. The former celebrates the 50th anniversary of BMW's M Division, offering a 224-page history that will interest any Bimmer fanatic. The latter provides a 70-year illustrated history of Porsche's domination at Le Mans, starting with the company's first visit in 1951 with the 356.

These books retail for $65 and $75, respectively, and will look great on any coffee table. For 2021, the publisher also offers Jaguar Century: 100 Years of Automotive Excellence by Giles Chapman ($75) for British car fans, and Nissan Z: 50 Years Of Exhilaration Performance by Pete Evanow ($45), just in time for the new Nissan Z to arrive next year.

If your coffee table is on the smaller side or you'd like to keep the budget smaller, The Porsche 911 Book by Rene Staud is an excellent purchase. This newly revised 2021 edition retails for just $35 and includes includes incredible photography detailing one of the most legendary sports cars ever built.

CarBuzz CarBuzz Tony Lewin CarBuzz Rene Staud

Luno Car Camping Accessories ($30-$279)

Overlanding and car camping are becoming big business, as evidenced by all of the impressive builds at this year's SEMA show. If you plan to take a camping trip with your car, a company called Luno has everything you will need to be comfortable. Last year, we included Luno's two-person air mattress, which costs $279.99 and is available for over 1,800 vehicles. This year, the company adds other camping accessories such as a fitted mattress sheet ($64.99), car window screens ($44.99) to stop bugs from getting in, and a USB-powered camping fan ($29.99), and seatback organizer ($45).

Luno Luno Luno Luno

Blipshift Shirts ($16-$36)

When the automotive enthusiast in your life attends their next car event, make sure they go in style with apparel from Blipshift. This unique website creates limited edition automotive-themed t-shirts and sweatshirts that are only available for a few days at a time. New designs are posted every few days, so you need to subscribe to the Blipshift newsletter to avoid missing any cool ones that fit your automotive tastes. Shirts start at just $16, while sweatshirts cost $36. Check out some of the site's past designs below!

Blipshift Blipshift Blipshift Blipshift

Ford Bronco Powered Ride-On ($399)

Adults of a certain age will remember the fun of driving around in their own electric Jeep Wrangler ride-on car, with awesome features like manual windshield wipers. Well, ride-on cars for kids have come a long way since then, and the hottest off-roader car to base them on has changed as well. This year, the 2022 Ford Bronco is available as a 12-volt ride-on car. The electric Bronco toy is available from Target for $399, and packs some amazing features.

For example, the 12V Bronco can be driven by your children or by remote control at speeds of 2.5 or 5.0 miles per hour. Inside, the car features realistic horn/engine sounds, an FM radio/MP3 player, functioning LED lights, a working spare tire, and removable doors just like the real Bronco. The Power Trax Ford Bronco is perfect for kids aged 3-7, supporting up to 130 pounds total.

Kid Trax Kid Trax Kid Trax Kid Trax

Porsche Experience Center

Earlier in 2021, we took a trip to the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta, Georgia, a real-life Nirvana for automotive enthusiasts. The Experience Center in Atlanta is located right near the airport and contains a 1.6-mile driver development track. Here, you can book track time in a variety of Porsche cars, ranging from a Macan S ($435) up to around $1,000 for some of the specialty 911 models. We think the The Mid vs. Rear Engine Experience for $750 with the 911 Carrera S and a 718 Cayman is a great option, splitting a 90-minute session between those two cars.

If you're on a lower budget, demonstration laps start at only $85, simulator time starts at $40, and you can take a tour of the facility for only $10 to $16. Readers who don't live on the East Coast can check out another Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles, California. There's also a facility in Italy, with another opening soon in Toronto, Canada.

Porsche Porsche Porsche Porsche

Forza Horizon 5 ($59.99)

It's been three years since we've had a new Forza video game, but the latest installment to the racing series was worth the wait. Forza Horizon 5 arrives launches with other 500 available cars, with more to come in future DLC packs. Where as the last game was set in a fictional version of the UK, this new game journeys to Mexico with the largest and most diverse map we've seen in a Horizon game. The base game retails for $59.99 but if you're feeling generous, the Premium Edition includes two expansion passes, a VIP car pass, and welcome pass for $99.99.

Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft

Bugatti Pool Table ($286,000)

Anything with a Bugatti badge is bound to be expensive, so this inclusion is more for fun than actual consideration. The Bugatti Pool Table is part of the Bugatti Lifestyle collection, designed for wealthy supercar collectors who want to fill space in their garage with something fun. It's made in collaboration with with IXO designers, who are experts in carbon fiber construction. Should an owner wish to install the table on their yacht, an optional servo-driven system uses gyroscopic sensors on each leg to keep the surface completely level, even aboard a ship.

All of the materials are top notch, with a carbon fiber finish and frame made from aluminum and titanium. Even the wall cue storage is made from carbon fiber and features a 13-inch touch screen for score keeping. Bugatti will only commission a limited run of 30 tables, with only 5 slated for production in 2021. Each one is priced starting at $286,000, which does include the accessories!

Bugatti Bugatti Bugatti Bugatti

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