These Stunning Watches Were Inspired By Supercars

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Chances are if you own a supercar, you have a very expensive timepiece to go with it.

Let's face it, supercars represent the ultimate status symbol. There's no better way of letting the world know that you've got money and, with the right car, taste. Watches are the same, which is why supercars and exclusive timepieces have become sacred partners over the past few decades. The relationship is so strong in fact, that exclusive car manufacturers, from Ferrari and McLaren to Porsche and Bugatti, have teamed up with watchmakers to create special edition timepieces to go with specific models. In some cases, the watch is the more expensive of the two items and also requires the buyer to have first bought the car. Talk about rich man problems!

So fascinated were we with this topic that we decided to create this stunning infographic, revealing some of the best watches created for some of the best supercars on the road. Remember, buying a supercar is no longer enough to get the respect of your peers. You need the matching watch to go with it.

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