5 Awesome Car Commercials From Super Bowl 2018

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The game may have been epic, but these commercials were pretty great too.

Super Bowl 52 was a thriller, with the Philadelphia Eagles emerging victorious over the New England Patriots. The game may have been epic, but many car enthusiasts were looking forward to seeing the best car commercials that the industry can come up with. We hate it when car companies use certain tropes in their commercials, but the five that we have chosen were all focused and well executed. 12 car commercials were shown during the game, but only the best five have made our list.

The Kia Stinger is one of our most anticipated cars of the year. Like the Alfa Romeo Giulia last year, Kia had to make sure that it made a big splash during the Super Bowl. We think that the "Feel Something Again" commercial with Aerosmith's Steven Tyler did a good job on introducing the Stinger to the world.

Hyundai aired two commercials during the game, but it was the "Ref to the Rescue" ad for the Kona that caught our eye. The ref ejects all of the kids so that their parents could go home to watch the game, which was very funny to watch.

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In recent years, one of the best ways to sell sports cars has been to get a super hero to drive it. The Audi R8 saw a popularity spike after Tony Stark drove one in the first Iron Man movie. Now, Lexus will put its new LC500 sports car into the latest Black Panther movie, where it will be driven by the vibranium suit-wearing king/super hero.

Truck commercials are always a big part of the Super Bowl. FCA had two commercials to show off the new RAM 1500 truck, but our favorite was the "Icelandic Vikings" ad. This commercial shows a bunch of Vikings heading to the game, but they turn around when they find out that the Minnesota Vikings weren't in it.

We hate it when car commercials try to show cars doing something that they weren't built to do, like drive on a race track. That's why we appreciated Jeep's "Anti-Manifesto" ad. Instead of spewing out some nonsense about the new Wrangler, Jeep just decided to show off its capabilities by driving up a waterfall.

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