Top 10 News Stories Of 2021

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From the cringeworthy to the painful, these were the most read news stories on CarBuzz this year.

2021 is drawing to a close, which means there's time for introspection on the events that have passed and time to look forward to what's still to come in the year ahead. But when you cover car news across the globe day in and day out, you put down a lot of words on paper, and sometimes, it's interesting to see what makes the biggest impression on you, the reader. So we've tallied up the most popular stories of 2021, and here are the top ten, counting down to the most viewed story of the year.

10. American Gas Stations Could Soon Run Out Of Gas

Who can forget the scenes of utter carnage back in May when news broadcasts across the United States showcased everyday Americans filling up shopping bags of gasoline for fear of the fuel running out? 2021 was a weird year, after all. Part of the reason for the panic was reports of a shortage of drivers to deliver fuel to stations, or at least that was the concern at the time when this article was released. Thankfully, the pumps never ran dry permanently.

Gas Station

9. Ford Bronco Production Shutting Down

One of the many serious consequences of the global pandemic was a shortage in the production of semiconductor chips. Due to only a handful of suppliers being responsible for the world's supply of these chips, almost every manufacturer was forced to readjust production priorities and choose what models needed these chips the most. In many cases, production ground to a halt as the chips were nowhere to be found. Naturally, news that the Blue Oval's hottest new off-roader, the 2021 Ford Bronco, was having production halted was big news. That hasn't been the only issue the Bronco has faced, but it was the most viewed.

2021-2022 Ford Bronco Front View CarBuzz
2021-2022 Ford Bronco Front Angle View CarBuzz

8. C9 Corvette Will Return To Front-Engine Layout

The Chevy Corvette is and always will be a symbol of American ingenuity, and nothing has embodied this more than the C8 Corvette, which went mid-engined for the first time in history and has proven itself to be a supercar-beater on a budget. But on April 1, we duped hundreds of thousands of readers with a bold claim that the next-generation Corvette would be returning to a front-engined layout. Of course, the C9 is years away still, and it's more likely to go electric than front-engine. But it's good to be able to laugh, even if it is once a year.

Pedro Ruperto Mallosto/Behance
Pedro Ruperto Mallosto/Behance
Pedro Ruperto Mallosto/Behance

7. Jeep Boss Response To Ford Bronco's Roof Problem Is Epic

With strained production in 2021, there were bound to be mistakes made, recalls necessary, and various delays, especially when you're launching something as popular as the Bronco. But Jeep boss, Jim Morrison took great pleasure in the Bronco's roof problems, poking fun at the fact that when it's raining, the Broncos need to be parked. Ford is in the process of fixing the roof issues, but Jeep still had a good laugh, as did many fanboys.

Frontal Aspect Ford
Side View Ford

6. Tesla Model 3 And Model Y Buyers Should Be Furious

When the Tesla Model 3 was on its way, Elon Musk proclaimed it would be the sub-$35k EV America needed in order to fully adopt electrification. But that $35k EV never really arrived as Tesla did everything within its power to make sure you ordered a more expensive model. But, of course, with supplier issues in 2021, many manufacturers had to increase prices, and Tesla was one of them, pushing up Model 3 and Model Y prices in April by $500, which meant that the MSRP had gone up by $2,000 since February. Those weren't the only price hikes Tesla made this year, so you should thank your lucky stars if you paid for one in January and not December.

2017-2022 Tesla Model 3 Forward Vision Tesla
2017-2022 Tesla Model 3 Rear Angle View Tesla
2020-2022 Tesla Model Y Frontal Aspect Tesla
2020-2022 Tesla Model Y Driving Back View Tesla

5. Ford Issues Stop Sale Order On Maverick And Mustang Mach-E

Ford just about licensed itself to print money in 2021, releasing several popular models including the Maverick and Mustang Mach-E. But when earlier this month, a stop-sale order was issued for the two models, the internet blew up. It was to rectify an issue on 2,626 vehicles in the US, with the necessary repairs being made early in 2022.

Driving Front Angle Ford
Driving Back View Ford
2021-2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E Forward Vision CarBuzz
2021-2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E Rear Angle View CarBuzz

4. There's Going To Be A Lot Of Angry Toyota Tundra Buyers

One of the most highly anticipated reveals of the year was the all-new Tundra. America is truck-country after all. But when the new full-size truck garnered a whole lot of attention, Toyota struggled to keep up with delivering on time, and in November, we reported that the waiting list for the Tundra could be as long as one and a half years. The reason? Well, it's the same reason for all production delays in 2021 - the semiconductor chip shortage.

Front View Driving Toyota
Front Angle View Toyota
Rear Angle View Toyota

3. American Lottery Winner Denied Corvette Prize

Readers couldn't wait to find out why a Georgia man had been robbed of a quarter of a million dollars and a brand new Corvette back in January 2021. Well, the reason Dennis Kahler couldn't be given the C8 Corvette of his choosing was because there wasn't one available anywhere, as the annual allocation had sold out quickly and production delays limited the availability of Corvette's in his chosen spec. The one example that was available was carrying a heavy mark-up, which would've affected Kahler's cash winnings.

2020-2022 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Front Angle View CarBuzz
2020-2022 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Rear Angle View CarBuzz
2020-2022 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Rear View CarBuzz

2. Tesla Has Clever Plan To Stop Idiots From Blocking Superchargers

EV haters will slam the notion of needing to stop and charge your car while road tripping. These are the same idiots who park their trucks in front of charging stations at your local shopping center. Well, this not only drew the ire of EV drivers, but Tesla too, as the automaker's Chinese operation revealed a clever way to stop people "ICEing" Supercharger stations with floor locking devices that rendered the parking spot unusable until you, driving a Tesla, unlocked it to charge.


1. Watch And Cry As This Tail-Heavy Corvette Z06 Tips Off Lift

No one likes watching a sports car be involved in an accident of any sort, but it's also difficult to look away, and in September this year, viewers couldn't help but watch as a service technician dropped a Corvette Z06 off a hydraulic lift while removing the engine. Business insurance exists for a reason, but we're sure there aren't many people who had as bad a day at work this year as the technician did in this instance.

Corvette Shorts & More/YouTube
Corvette Shorts & More/YouTube
Corvette Shorts & More/YouTube

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