Want A Subaru WRX STI Type RA? Prepare To Pay A Dealer Markup

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As with most limited edition cars, Subaru dealers are getting greedy with the Type RA.

The current Subaru WRX STI is getting a little long in the tooth, but that hasn't stopped Subaru from trying to keep the car fresh by introducing a new special edition model. It's called the Type RA, and Subaru announced it would only build 500 units of this hardcore STI. Of course, a limited production run brings with it a higher price tag. The Type RA starts at $49,885 after the $860 destination charge, roughly $10,000 more than a standard STI in Limited trim. Unfortunately, the sticker shock doesn't end there.

As we have seen with limited models like the Dodge Demon and Honda Civic Type R, dealerships take advantage of having a limited production car by charging a dealer markup or "market adjustment." So just how much can you expect to pay for the privilege of owning a Type RA? Well, it depends on how honest your local Subaru dealership decides to be. Although we did find plenty of cars for sale at or close to MSRP, we suspect many of these cars are being sold with a dealer markup that isn't listed. Often times dealerships won't include their dealer markup on their online listing, but when you arrive in the showroom to purchase the car, the markup is right there on the sticker plain as day.

Based on our research, most dealerships are asking between a $10,000 to $15,000 markup for their Type RA. This means an already expensive STI is now edging on base BMW M3 money. Fifty-thousand already seemed like a bit much to spend on an STI, though we have heard great things about the Type RA. For $60,000 to $65,000, we think there are too many better cars out there for the Type RA to make any sense. Unless you are a diehard Subaru fan or can manage to get one of these cars at MSRP, we suggest looking elsewhere. The Type RA is cool, but we aren't sure it is special enough to justify a $60,000 price tag.


We even popped over to a local Subaru dealership just to see if it had a dealer markup. Sure enough, the window was affixed with a sticker which read "Market Adjustment 465/500 - $10,000," bringing the total price up to $60,457. The Type RA does come with a retuned engine control unit, reinforced pistons, a cold-air intake, and a freer-flowing exhaust, but these modifications only increase the 2.5-liter turbocharged engine's output to 310 hp, which is just 5 hp more than the standard STI. The only reason we could see for paying so much for the Type RA is the possible collector value. With only 500 units available, it could be worth big money some day.


Unfortunately, this would mean stashing the Type RA for years, hoping it is someday worth twice as much as it was originally if it only has delivery miles on it. Once you factor in the cost of storing the car, we doubt the Type RA will be a money maker. What do you think of the Type RA markups? Head down to your local dealership and let us know how much they are asking for a Type RA. Can you beat $60,457? Let us know in the comments.


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