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From cars pulled by beards to refueling a BMW mid-drift...

People have been trying to come up with weird, wonderful, and creative ways to enter the record books since people started keeping records. When it comes to cars, there are two distinctive types of world records. The fastest production car record is a good example of a useful one as it drives competition between car companies and the technology required can filter down. Then there's the record-for-a-records-sake stunts like fitting as many people as possible into a Volkswagen Beetle. That's not really relevant to anything or anyone, except maybe clowns now we think about it.

These are the records that have really caught our attention. Some are really cool, some are fun, some are pointless, and some are just downright impressive. One actually manages to be pointless, fun, and impressive all at the same time.

World's Smallest Road Vehicle

Austin Coulson is one of those people that simply wanted to break a record, and to do so, he took the small car philosophy to its logical conclusion. The "Wind Up" car is just 63.5cm tall, 1.26m long, and 65cm wide. If you're thinking it looks the same size as kid's size Barbie Jeep, then you would be right although it was built from scratch in his garage. While he can't drive it on the freeway, he does drive it around Phoenix perfectly legally on a Texas vanity plate. While it can't that much be fun to drive for too long, finding a parking spot must be easy.

James Ellerker/Guinness World Records

Parallel Parking

There's an art to parallel parking, and Han Yue has that art nailed down. He managed to park his Mini Cooper in a space only 5.9 inches longer than the car. Remember that next time you see someone trying to park their Prius is a spot half its length again.

World's Hairiest Car

Yes, there is a hairiest car record and it's owned by an Italian named Maria Lucio Mugno. It's the result of a dare that got out of hand when she worked at a hair salon. How out of hand? She's reputed to have spent over $70,000 and over 150 hours on her classic Fiat 500's hair.

Longest Road Trip

If you want to hear about a couple that is doing life right, meet Emil and Liliana Schmid. The Swiss couple started road tripping in a Land Cruiser in October 1984 and, as far as we know, haven't stopped. By the time they logged the record for the longest driven journey in 2017, they had visited 186 countries and logged 460,476 miles. We're not sure what's more impressive. That their relationship has survived so many miles, that the Land Cruiser survived so many miles, or the attitude and money needed to decide that's the life they want to lead.

Most Countries Visited By Land In 24 Hours

in 2012, a team of travelers consisting of Liselott Martynenko Agerlid (Sweden), Philomena O'Brien (Australia), Todd Hepworth (Australia), and Yvo Kuhling (Netherlands) managed to visit 17 countries in 23 hours, 30 minutes. The road trip started at Samac in Bosnia and Herzegovina, then went through Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and The Netherlands. They took photos in each country and tracked it using a GPS unit that registered their position every 5 minutes.

Most U-Turns Made In Two Minutes

Everyone loves pulling a U-turn, but 21 in 2 minutes is a little over the top. However, Alex Jerden took the time to set the record and that's, erm… great. He took the record from Brit Kate Lawler who completed 13 u-turns in two minutes with a Subaru BRZ in 2014.

Fastest 500-Mile Reverse Drive

Driving 500 miles in one stint is a challenge on its own, but Canadian Rob Gibney went to the next level. He maintained an average reverse speed of 41 mph in his Crown Victoria. It's not the fastest speed travelled backwards, but for 500 miles it's a type of impressive.

Fastest Speed Driven Blindfolded

Mike Newman of the UK already held the record for the fastest speed driven blindfolded by going 186 mph in 2013 driving a Porsche GT2. His next attempt just about squeaked the 200 mph mark on an empty airstrip a year later.

Fastest Time For A Dog To Wind Down A Non-Electric Car Window

This is a very specific world record. For some reason, in 2004 a border collie owned by a Hungarian man named Francis V. Gadassi unwound a car window in Quebéc City, Canada in 11.34 seconds. If you want the specifics, the car window was 28.5 inches in length and 16.5 inches in height. The handle was 12 4.7 inches long. So, now you know. We couldn't find a picture of the record breaking dog, but this one is pretty damn cute.

Heaviest Vehicle Pulled Over 100 Feet

This a nice, simple, old school, feat of strength and technique. Except there's a nice twist. The man that holds the record is Kevin Fast, but better known as Reverend Dr. Kevin Fast and is the world's strongest priest. His inspiration is 19th Century strongman Louis Cyr, and he has several records to his name including the heaviest aircraft pulled by a man at 189 tons, the heaviest truck pulled by an arm wrestling move, and the heaviest vehicle pulled over 100ft. The truck weighed an incredible 25,680 lbs.

Longest Distance To Pull A Car By Beard While Roller Skating

For reasons only Kapil Gehlot of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India can explain, he holds the record for pulling a car with a beard while rollerskating. He pulled a car 202.5 feet. With his beard. While roller skating. He also holds the record for pulling a car on roller skates and the furthest distance to pull a car while on skates without a break. Both of those aren't using his beard though, so we don't care as much.

Longest Vehicle Drift Record

Addo Feghali managed to drift for a whopping 51.3 miles to claim the record, but then a BMW Performance Driving School instructor Johan Schwartz stepped up and went sideways for 51.27 miles in a BMW M5. Then, a Toyota GT86 went for an amazing 89.55 miles then upped the ante with 102.5 miles.

But right at the end of 2017, BMW threw its corporate weight behind Schwartz to spank Toyota into the ground. Schwarz spent 8 hours sideways in a BMW M5 to go 322.5 laps of the round course at the BMW Performance Center in South Carolina. The total distance was 232.5 miles, and just as impressively the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 needed refueling five times during the stunt, so another M5 was sent out to drift along next to Schwartz so someone could hang out and keep him topped up.


World Speed Record While Driving His Car On Two Wheels

Vesa Kivimäki from Finland set the world record for driving his car on only two tires at 116 mph. It would be easier to learn to ride a motorcycle, but we certainly admire his spirit.

Longest Time Spent Kissing A Car

You won't be surprised to know there is a record for the longest time spent kissing a person, but Guinness also has a record of the longest time spent kissing a car. There is also a record for the most times kissing a car in 30 seconds record, but somehow this is weirder. We can't find much more information, but there have been competitions by car dealers where the prize of a new car goes to the person that kisses the car the longest.

If that's how this took place, then it was a long night at the showroom as Ernesta Hernandez Ambrosio and Jesús Juárez Vite managed to go for 76 hours in Hidalgo, Mexico in 2013 kissing a car. If we're right and it was a competition, then it appears a tie was probably declared so everyone could go home. The reason we don't think the record was a typo is because it's not unrealistic. In 2012, one Kara Stone won herself a Chevrolet after kissing her car for 70 hours at a dealer's competition in Dexter, Michigan.

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