Why The Audi A4 Allroad Is A Great Used Bargain

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Now is the right time to buy one.

If you want to buy a luxury wagon in the United States, your options are limited. An influx of new midsize models like the Audi A6 Allroad, Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain, and Volvo V90 (and CrossCountry) has breathed new life into the wagon segment, but what if you want something smaller? The BMW 3 Series Wagon and Buick Regal TourX are now gone, leaving only the 2021 Audi A4 Allroad and the Volvo V60.

We adore the V60 if you are buying a new wagon, but if you want to shop for used models, the Audi is the better option. Because the modern Allroad has been on sale since 2013 in the US, there are far more used examples available. Here's why we believe the Audi Allroad (currently known as the A4 Allroad) is an excellent used purchase.

2016-2019 Audi A4 allroad Front Angle View Audi
2016-2019 Audi A4 allroad Rear Angle View Audi
Side View Audi

Why You Should Buy One

Audi first offered the Allroad back in 2002 as a lifted wagon based on the C5-generation A6. The company revived the 'Allroad' name in 2013, now based on the B8-generation A4. The name was later changed to 'A4 Allroad' when the B9-gen A4 arrived in 2017. Allroad models are distinguished from standard wagon models via their wide wheel arch extensions, lifted ride height with higher ground clearance, body cladding, and greater off-road ability.

The Allroad appeals to American consumers who might enjoy a wagon, but want the higher seating position and limited off-road capability of an SUV. While less sporty than the S4 and RS4 Avant models sold in Europe, for general commuting and family hauling, the A4 Allroad is a superb choice.

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Front Angle View Audi
2016-2019 Audi A4 allroad Rear Angle View Audi
2016-2019 Audi A4 allroad Front View Driving Audi
2016-2019 Audi A4 allroad Left Rear Three-Quarter Driving Audi

The Price

A brand-new 2020 A4 Allroad ranges from $44,600 to over $58,000 but used models are far more affordable. Used B8-gen Allroads start around the $10,000 price range with over 100,000 miles and go up to the high-$20,000 range for a newer example with a certified pre-owned warranty. The newer B9 A4 Allroad starts around $25,000 and can reach nearly $50,000 for a barely used example with low miles and CPO. Audi's CPO program includes one-year with unlimited mileage for peace of ownership.

Front View Driving Audi
Rear View Driving Audi

The Performance

Both generations of the Allroad use a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The B8 car produces 211 horsepower with 258 lb-ft of torque going out to Quattro all-wheel-drive through an eight-speed automatic. Audi upped the output of the engine to 252 hp in the B9 generation while the torque figure jumped to 273 lb-ft. A seven-speed dual-clutch transmission also replaced the eight-speed automatic.

With the increased output, the 0-60 mph sprint time dropped from around 6.4 seconds in the B8 to 5.2 seconds in the B9. Fuel economy improved as well from 20/27 mpg city/highway in the B8 to 23/31 mpg city/highway in the B9.

2016-2019 Audi A4 allroad Taillights Audi
2016-2019 Audi A4 allroad Engine Audi

The Interior

From the driver's seat, there isn't much to differentiate the Allroad from the standard A4 sedan (unless you look into the rearview mirror). The B8 features a simple cabin with premium materials and an infotainment system that looks small but not horribly outdated by today's standards. The B9's cabin feels radically different, with a new floating display on the dash and Audi's beautiful Digital Cockpit in the gauge cluster. If you can afford the higher price tag, we think the B9 generation is worth it for the interior upgrade alone.

Central Console Audi
Dashboard Audi
2016-2019 Audi A4 allroad Dashboard Audi
2016-2019 Audi A4 allroad Navigation System Audi

The Practicality

Rear seat legroom doesn't change much compared to an A4 sedan, but trunk space is the true reason you buy an Audi Allroad. The B8 boasts 27.6 cubic feet of space behind the second row, which opens to a colossal 50.5 cubic feet with the seats. The B9's storage space shrinks a bit to 24.2 cubic feet, but with the seats folded, total storage space is larger with 58.5 cu.ft.

2016-2019 Audi A4 allroad Maximum Rear Cargo Space Audi
2016-2019 Audi A4 allroad Rear Passenger Seats Audi
2016-2019 Audi A4 allroad Sunroof Audi
Rear Passenger Seats Audi


The Audi Allroad isn't going to win any rock crawling competitions with a Jeep Wrangler, nor will it win in a drag race versus an E63 AMG. But if you are looking for a comfortable, practical wagon that isn't afraid to get a rock chip driving down a dirt driveway, it could be the ideal car for you. Prices are now affordable and there are still plenty of examples with CPO warranties for that added peace of mind. Now is a great time to purchase a used Audi Allroad.

2016-2019 Audi A4 allroad Front Angle View Audi
2016-2019 Audi A4 allroad Rear View Driving Audi
2016-2019 Audi A4 allroad Front View Driving Audi

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