James Bond

007-Inspired Push-Button Studded Tires: Winter Awesomeness!

Nokian winter tires deploy at the push of a button, just like 007’s 1987 Aston Martin.

Some of the best scenes in James Bond movies generally tookplace in the car, with 007’s ride - usually an Aston Martin - fitted withawesome, unrealistic gadgets. One particularly memorable moment took place inthe 1987 ‘The Living Daylights’, when Timothy Dalton takes his V8 VantageVolante into the snow, transforming his tires to kickass studded snow tireswith the push of a button.

To mark the 80th anniversary of its 1934 debut snow tires,Nokian Tyres of Finland has just released these kickass conversion concept tires, ejecting studs at the push of a button.

For now, this is just a concept, but it may hit the marketsometime soon with Bond-worthy awesomeness.

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