1,000-HP Supra Effortlessly Destroys Wine Glasses With Monster Exhaust

Ikea wine glasses are no match for a tuned Supra with a two-step rev limiter.

YouTuber Cleetus McFarland wanted to ask a simple question: Who would win in a fight between an Ikea wine glass and 1,000-horsepower Supra with a two-step rev limiter? The answer, as you might have guessed, is the Supra. The massive flame shot out the back of the exhaust is easily enough to obliterate the wine and mimosas glasses, even with the aid of Gorilla Glue. It is oddly satisfying to watch these glasses shatter. Gatorade and glass goes flying everywhere, delighting Cleetus and the assembled onlookers.

Yeah, it’s childish but also a ton of fun. Skip over to the 5:00 minute mark if you want to miss the part where the guys go shopping for the glasses at Ikea.

We really hope this becomes a thing, videos of “exhaust vs. stuff.” We love watching car parts get crushed on YouTube’s Hydraulic Press Channel, but watching things explode is a lot cooler. If this idea takes off and tons of exhaust vs. videos flood the Internet you can thank us. And Cleetus of course.

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