1,000hp Toyota Supra Drifts at Speed on the Streets of Sweden

Along with five of his motorcycle buddies in tow providing back up and shooting some of the video.

With a name like SuperRetards and a tag line "Arrest Me, I'm a Retard," you better believe you're going to see something pretty stupid from these car-loving maniacs from Vasteras, Sweden.

Apparently their previous videos were a bit on the boring side so they decided to turn things up a notch by speeding and drifting a 1,000hp Toyota Supra around town. There's bound to have been a few road laws broken during the escapade that also includes five motorbikes keeping chase and generally making a nuisance of themselves. When a police car appears the wild ride is forced to come to an abrupt end although it looks like the guys got away with their daring stunt. If so, hopefully there'll be back with more of the same soon.

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