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1,200hp Super Sleeper 1972 Chevy Nova is the Ultimate Muscle Car

This will put a Bugatti Veyron to shame.

Before Drive's Michael Musto takes the ultimate muscle car for a spin, owner Dru Diesner's parting words were: "Have fun and don't get arrested." It may look like a $500, patina-laden piece of junk, but this '72 Nova has the power to keep up with and overtake the majority of million-dollar supercars in the world. That's because a twin-supercharged LS2 is lurking under the faded-green paint ready to send 1,160hp to the rear wheels at a moment's notice.

It's the epitome of a sleeper, ready to wipe out any car it comes in contact with. A well-concealed roll cage means that anyone coming up close to this car wouldn't for a second guess the '72 Nova does a nine-second quarter mile; and therein lies its charm. What a beast.

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