1,300-HP Heffner-Tuned Murcielago by ZR Auto Up for Sale

Yours for $200k.

Combining a stunning widebody kit and a 1,300-hp motor, this is not your average Lamborghini Murcielago. And it can be yours for a cool $200,000. For that, you’re getting a 2002 Murci equipped with a very unique full widebody kit from IMSA, including fully functional wheel-well vents, IMSA center-bolt alloys, an IMSA spoiler and full versace interior with carbon trim that was flown in specially from Germany.

A twin-turbo system by Heffner Performance is combined with Pankl connecting rods, JE pistons, and a 9-to-1 compression ratio to deliver 1,300 horsepower. Over $250,000 has been spent on the car, and that alone makes this a very enticing prospect.

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