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$1.35-Million Brabham Supercar Is Now Road Legal

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But owners will have to pay even more to drive the 700-hp track monster on the road.

Last year, Brabham Automotive, a new Australian startup company founded by former Formula 1 racer and Le Mans 24 Hours winner David Brabham, unveiled its first ever supercar: the brutal BT62. Limited to only 70 examples, the savage supercar is powered by a mid-mounted, 5.4-liter naturally aspirated V8 that produces 700 horsepower and 492 lb-ft of torque, while its lightweight carbon fiber body and a power-to-weight-ratio of 720-hp per tonne made it capable of setting blistering lap times. There is a catch, however – the Brabham BT62 is so hardcore, it can only be driven on a track. Until now, that is.

Responding to customer demand, Brabham now offers an option to make the BT62 road-legal, so you can drive it home after tearing up the track. Or take it on a trip to the supermarket, if you so desire. But if you really want to convert it for the road, be prepared to pay an additional £150,000 ($190,807). But let's face it, that's probably small change for its wealthy owners considering the car costs $1.35 million. All conversions for the European market will be carried out in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, if you want to drive it on US roads you'll need to ship it back to the UK every year for an Independent Vehicle Assessment to retain its UK registration.

"Customers have the flexibility of completing the Brabham Driver Development Programme before converting their BT62 or requesting that their BT62 be delivered as a road compliant version," said Dan Marks, Commercial Director of Brabham Automotive. "Given these cars are limited editions, tailored to the needs of each owner, we are keen to provide this flexibility to our customers where we can."

Each converted BT62 will be put through the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) test. To make the BT62 more suitable for driving on the public road, Brabham will also raise the ride height with a front and rear axle lift kit, increase the steering lock range, add air conditioning, fit door locks and immobilizers, and add more high-quality upholstery to the interior.

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"We designed the BT62 to be an unrestricted, thoroughbred track car and our extensive test program has revealed it to be all of those things," David Brabham, Managing Director of Brabham Automotive, added. "This isn't a car designed for the road. With that said, it's clear some customers are keen to have a road compliant option with their BT62, particularly to drive to and from the track. My father Jack was always customer focused, and we will continue with that ethos." The first road-legal examples of the Brabham BT62 are expected to be delivered this summer.