$1.35M: Easy Rider Harley-Davidson Most Expensive Bike Ever Sold

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But is it the real deal?

The star-spangled custom Harley-Davidson from 60's classic 'Easy Rider' sold in auction last weekend for $1.35 million, which is the highest price ever paid for a cycle according to Hemmings. The chopper, named "Captain America" after Peter Fonda's character in the 1969 flick, was owned by LA-based collector Michael Eisenberg. However, just before the bike went under the hammer at the Profiles in History's auction, media reports were casting doubt on its authenticity.

Profiles in History

Four motorcycles were originally made for the movie – Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper getting two each – and this was supposed to be the only one remaining, hence its million-dollar price tag. Three of the bikes were allegedly stolen after the film was made (and legend has it cut up into pieces and given to members of Hell's Angels), while Fonda's bike was crashed at the end of the film, going up in flames. Actor Dan Haggerty, who worked on the set as a mechanic, was given the bike and restored it years later. This is the bike that Michael Eisenberg put up for auction. Or is it?

The LA Times reports that Haggerty sold a different Captain America back in 1996, claiming then it was the real deal. He now claims, however, that his authentication was a mistake. Something the owner obviously has trouble believing. Real or not, the bike is the most expensive ever sold.

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