$1.5 Million Batmobile Is An EV With A Questionable Past

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It's for sale, but we're not sure you'd want it.

Tim Burton's Batman Returns is a '90s movie icon. You can say the same about the film's Batmobile, which has been built, replicated, and sold time and time again over the years. You could say that about any Batmobile, quite honestly.

Here's another one, which may very well be the slowest yet. However, the seller insists the car is worth a whopping $1.5 million despite a potentially sketchy past.

Silodrome reports that a "credible report" indicates the car has been "misrepresented by the seller." If true, there's basically nothing holding this Batmobile to its asking price, as the seller, Classic Auto Mall, insists it's a legitimate Warner Brothers prop from the movie.

Classic Auto Mall Classic Auto Mall Classic Auto Mall Classic Auto Mall

Silodrome says that the company is selling the car on consignment, making the vehicle's true owner anonymous for now. Information is scarce, with the alleged report the only evidence of any wrongdoing severe enough to cause the real Batman to raise an eyebrow. On top of that, the car has no title. However, an update has revealed that Classic Auto Mall is looking into additional authentication to put potential buyers at ease.

Light controversy aside, this Batmobile has a lot more in common with a Tesla Model 3 than its appearance leads you to believe. It's a fully electric vehicle, likely used for in-car shots and some low-speed exterior work.

The car, powered by lithium-ion batteries, has a top speed of roughly 25-30 mph.

Classic Auto Mall Classic Auto Mall Classic Auto Mall Classic Auto Mall

The car does have a hidden cockpit behind the two front seats, which includes a black mesh screen, a place to sit, pedals, and a steering wheel. This leads us to believe the car could have possibly been screen-used during filming, potentially even with Michael Keaton behind the fake wheel.

The driving setup was used for a scene where Penguin takes over the Batmobile remotely, rampaging through Gotham City with Batman stuck helpless at the wheel.

There are some signatures located on the car's dash, but we can't quite make out their owners. A quick poke around did reveal they don't belong to Keaton or DeVito, who played the Penguin.

Classic Auto Mall Classic Auto Mall Classic Auto Mall

The car may not be as fast as the Batmobile, but it does have some Batmobile-specific upgrades.

For example, the car gets a flamethrower out back to replicate the car's turbine powerplant. Much like the current Batmobile, this one still rides on Mickey Thompson tires, just as the car you see on-screen does. The vehicle is nearly 20 feet long, and most cars used in the film were built on a Chevrolet Impala chassis.

There haven't been any further updates regarding the authenticity of this car. Still, given its limited usability and for-now dubious past, it's probably a safe bet to try and shore up that cash in a more usable Batmobile replica.

Classic Auto Mall Classic Auto Mall Classic Auto Mall
Source Credits: Silodrome

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