$1.5 Million Veyron Goes to Salvage Auction

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Last year in Texas, if anyone recalls, a guy drove his $1.5 million Bugatti Veyron into a lake in what's being described as the most expensive case of distracted driving ever. And now, the what's left of the car is going up for auction. According to reports, the 2006 Veyron has gone up for sale on the previous owner's insurance company's auction salvage website. With a title of "flood damaged," the work will mainly be inside.

The exterior damage is minimal, with only a missing headlight, an out-of-place "Bugatti" badge, and a frozen in place spoiler. However, it's the interior and engine that caused this car to head to the auction block. The interior's carpets, seats, and electronics are all water damaged.

The engine compartment doesn't show any visible signs of damage, but the rusted bolts and undercarriage have visible rusting. It doesn't stop there because even after the Veyron went into the water, the W-16 engine still kept running for several minutes, almost assuring more damage.

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