1,500-hp Lambo Gallardo by ZR Auto

Dubbed the "Matador", this chrome-covered twin-turbocharged Gallardo is the pride and joy of the tuning firm's owner.

Zahir Rana is the owner of Canadian-based exotic car tuning house ZR Auto as well as this stunning twin-turbo Gallardo, dubbed the Matador. He has been tweaking the supercar ever since he bought it and a host of changes have been made to the 5.0-liter V10 including Carrillo billet connecting rods, custom-forged CP pistons, titanium valve retainers, oversized lightweight valves, ported intake manifold, twin Weldon 1100 hp fuel pumps, ten 2000cc fuel injectors, custom high-flow fuel rails, and Elite custom twin ball-bearing turbo system.

The twin-turbo Gallardo has also been fitted with a Holinger sequential gearbox with custom gear ratios and breathes through a custom four-inch dual exhaust. It boasts a top speed of 269 mph and runs the quarter-mile in 8.7 seconds at 169 mph. Exterior mods include a custom IMSA body kit and interior and, as you can plainly see, a custom chrome wrap. The Matador Gallardo will be on display from March 13-17 at the Calgary International Auto and Truck Show.

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