1,600-HP Audi R8 Destroys 1,800-HP Lambos and 1,400-HP GTR


Monstrously powerful supercars duel on the strip.

We're well familiar with Underground Racing's twin-turbo Lamborghini projects, and at the end of last year, the tuner revealed an Audi R8 GT fitted with its Stage 2R Twin Turbo kit boasting over 1,800 horsepower on race gas. Seeing these cars in action is a rare treat, and thanks to 1320video we have a video to share that shows this awesome build taking on a host of similarly insane rides and beating them into the ground.

At a recent meet, the UR Audi R8 GT took on a 1,800-hp Gallardo, a 1,400-hp Nissan GT-R, and a pair of 1,800-hp Lamborghini Superleggera's, one of which it met in the final of the King of the Streets. Check them out.

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