1,700-HP Hypercar Finally Breaks Cover In New York

This is supposed to do 290 mph?

Remember how excited you were to see Lyons Motor Cars takethe wraps off the LM2 Streamliner concept at the 2015 New York Auto Show? You know, the one that had 1,700horsepower and reportedly topped out at 290 mph. The show's press days came and went without an unveiling, but that was reportedlyby design. Lyon Motor Cars has finally revealed the LM2 Streamliner, albeit only after the show opened its doors to the public.

Admittedly there isn’t much to see here. The LM2 Streamlinercould very well be just a shell on four wheels posing for pictures. Still, it’sencouraging that the company was able to bring something to the show, even ifit was late in doing so. Lyons Motor Cars is incredibly ambitious, aiming to startproduction potentially in 2015. It’ll be interesting to see if it can make thatdeadline, and whether or not a formless hypercar designed and built in New YorkCity can actually do 0 to 200 in 11.1 seconds. Hell, if it even hits half ofits stated specs the LM2 Streamliner will be impressive in spite of its god-awfullooks.

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