Quarter Mile

1,700-HP Pontiac Firebird Runs a 7-Sec Quarter-Mile

Twin-turbo 7.0-liter Firebird demolishes the quarter mile.

GM may have killed it off at the turn of the decade, but for many enthusiasts the Pontiac is still very much alive. This particular arrowhead-badged model is living life to the fullest thanks to a slew of modifications that give it a whopping 1,700 horsepower and the ability to crush all-comers at the strip. Under the hood, the Firebird packs a twin-turbocharged 425 cu.in. (7.0-liter) LSX V8 and an air-to-water intercooler, while that colossal power is sent to the rear wheels via a Power Glide transmission.

This thing is supremely fast in a straight line, evidenced by this video of it cracking the quarter-mile in 7.6 seconds at 184 mph.

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