Drag Race

1,800-HP Twin-Turbo Gallardos Fight For Six-Speed Supremacy

Hop inside the cockpit of two massively powered supercars.

If you’ve ever contemplated what it’s like to put 1,800 horsepower to the tarmac via a standard six-speed, 1320video has some footage that may be of interest. Shot at the Texas Invitational 6-Speed Finals, the first match up sees an 1,800hp Underground Racing twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo come up against Titan Motorsport’s 1,600-hp Toyota Supra in the semi-final. Shot from both inside and outside ,the horsepower-heavy supercars hit speeds of around 195 mph.

The 6 Speed Challenge final is between two twin-turbo Gallardos, with the winner reaching a speed of 199 mph.

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