Quarter Mile

1,800-HP Underground Racing Gallardo Clocks 224-MPH 1/2-Mile

Smashes US 1/2-mile event record.

Lamborghini owners task Underground Racing with tuning their cars for one reason only: to make their ride goes as quickly as possible. To that end, UR fits a couple of massive turbochargers to the Raging Bull’s V10, and in the case of Cody’s Gallardo, ups output to a monstrous 1,800 hp. So how does that translate to the drag strip? This video, taken from the US 1/2-Mile event at the Ellington Airfield near Houston, Texas, shows the impact of all that power.

Watch as the white twin-turbo LP570-4 Superleggera clocks the half-mile in 224.4 mph, and the quarter-mile at 177 mph, destroying last year’s record of 217 mph.

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